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 Rules, for breaking
Peregrine Alexander
 Posted: Aug 8 2013, 02:35 PM
Rebel PrinceHuman
We're men, we're men in tights! We're butch!


'Cause seriously. If you're not having fun, when why are you here?


Don't be an asshole. Be nice to people. Be respectful of the beliefs and lifestyles of others. We're not going to give you all a lecture on tolerance because this is neither the time, nor the place, so let us just say that if you're going to be a bigot, this is not the place to spread your bigotry. We are a group of friends who like to have fun and exercise our writers' muscles. Disturb our awesomeness with negativity and you will be asked to leave. Make a scene about it and you will be chased out by an angry mob with torches and pitchforks.


So don't start any. Not cool. Kapeesh? Drama seeds will be burnt upon sight and the ground they were planted on salted with the tears of sweet, innocent fae children.


It means when you take control of someone else's character or make your character so ridiculously powerful that no one else can ever get the upper hand. Don't do it, it will mark you as an amateur. If you must God Mode or Power Play for the sake of a thread, please ask the permission of the person with whom you are role playing.


Remember that you are playing in a made-up world set roughly in some sort of medieval era, so no cell phones, television, electricity or other modern conveniences. However, there is a lot of wiggle room in our made-up world of Speirling, so we're sure you'll find some creative substitute (hint: magic works well) to get what you want.


Please use real people for Play-By's (hereafter referred to as PB's). We do not allow artwork of any kind to represent your character in place of a PB. If you have a piece of artwork you wish to use, then you are more than welcome to link the picture to your character's signature. In order to do this, your character must have a signature and avatar using their PB. We allow actors, musicians, models, and other people working as performers in the entertainment industry. We do not allow cospayers.

Don't worry about having to "claim" your PB after you finish your application -- we will do that for you (unless you want to, then by all means, go
for it). If you end up changing your PB, please notify us. Once a PB has been claimed, no one can use them unless you leave the site or delete that character or change your PB. Identical twins and plots of that nature are the exception to this rule. Once your character is accepted and all that good stuff, we request that you decorate your account with an avatar and/or signature, and yes, you may begin RPing before you have your graphics in order. Avatars are required, but signatures are not, even though they are recommended. If you don't make graphics yourself, you can request some or you never know, a graphics artist may gift you with one because they need the practice and here on SoS, we like giving presents.

*Do not place characters who use play-bys under the age of 18 in sexual situations. The character themself may be under 18, but if your PB is under 18 or you are using pictures of them at a time when they were under 18, you are dabbling with child pornography. If you are caught putting characters who use under-18 PB's in sexual situations, you will be set a cease-and-desist PM and you will have 24 hours to delete any sexual content from the offending thread. If you fail to do this, the entire thread will be deleted. If it is your second offense putting a character with an under-18 PB in a sexual situation, you will be banned. There is controversy on the subject of child PB's and while it is not illegal to make child characters, the law gets fuzzy when sex is involved. We take this seriously.

*On a similar topic, please do not use PB's who have passed away over the past five years out of respect. If your PB passes away while they are in use, it will be addressed on case-by-case basis.

Avatar sizes: We recommend that they are 180 pixels wide by 380 pixels high to ensure that the 500 pixel-wide signatures are not resized.

* Effective as of January 2nd, 2016.


Unless otherwise stated, your application must be accepted before you can begin to RP. If we give you a list of changes that we want you to fix before you can RP, please know that it's nothing personal and we only want your character to fit into the site and we want to level the playing field for everyone (in other words, we're trying to keep out the Mary-Sues). Please notify us (by PMing this account) if you wish to make major changes to your application. You have on week to start an application before receiving an inactivity/deletion warning email. You will have two weeks to complete your application, unless an extension is requested.

*You may post a work-in-progress (WIP) application and work on it at your leisure, if you wish, however, you are permitted no more than one (1) WIP application at a time. If you want to work on more than one (1) WIP application at a time, it is recommended that you store them on your computer.

* Effective as of September 30th, 2015 and edited on December 30th, 2015.


You can have as many as you can keep active. This is how we define "as many as you can keep active":

*Your first two characters are "free", regardless of previous activity. When you are creating your third character you must update all of your current threads within the past two weeks or be the last person to post. If you have not received any replies on any of your threads in the past two weeks, contact an admin and we'll work something out so that your existing characters can be active and you can create a new one. This activity requirement is for new characters only, not just creating activity for your existing ones. The idea is you take care of what you already have going on before creating more.

If you are not creating a new character and simply going about your site business as usual, please post when you can. If you're gone without leaving a hiatus note, we will delete your account, but there are no hard feelings and you're welcome back at any time. See more about our inactivity/deletion policies below.

*Effective as of January 6th, 2016.


Here's the thing: we don't really care. We are a quality-over-quantity site, so how many words you post is your business.


So show it some respect! Also, we like to be able to read your posts without creative guesswork. Most people here do not use font size tiny, although there is no rule against using it, you will find that we've enlarged our text size because we're blind as bats.

For ruling monarchs and other such "important" (notice the quotations used: all characters are important), characters of state who are responsible for moving many people's plots forward, posting at least once every two weeks is compulsory. For those playing non-monarchs and characters of state, it is your business how often you are going to post, however, if you disappear and/or do not post for a month, we will send you an email to check in and see how you are doing and if you need an extension. If you do not apply for a hiatus or post within a one week period after that email is sent, your account(s) will be placed in the "inactive" group, your claims revoked, and your application will be moved to the archives. If you fail to return one month after your account(s) have been marked as inactive, they will be deleted, making for a total of two months and one week of inactivity before deletion.

If you wish to return when your account is in the "inactive" group, your claims and application will be restored after your first new post, assuming that no one else has claimed them while you were inactive. You are more than welcome to return after you have been deleted (we keep all old applications), but you will need to copy+paste your old application and edit it as necessary.

If you post in the absences thread or PM/email an admin, letting us know that you are still alive and you'll be back when you can, then of course, we'll keep your account for up to two months, at which point you should return again and renew your absence notice if necessary (or just PM an admin, telling them you're going to be gone for awhile and would they please keep your account). Posting a desperate message in the cbox from your phone might help, but is no guarantee (PM an admin!).Your character(s) will be on a pilgrimage, a quest, or they've gone to visit their auntie at Pigfarts -- we don't mind, we'll find a way to write them back into the storyline once you're able to resume your RP activities as usual.

Basically, what activity comes down to is: post when you can because we know you're an adult with responsibilities. If you need to be absent, all you have to do is communicate. If you don't communicate, we think you've fallen off the face of the earth and aren't planning on returning.


First and foremost, we would like to remind you that you never have to take part in a thread with content that makes you uncomfortable. If another member is writing content that makes you uncomfortable, please communicate to them and they will most likely back off (we strive to not have jerks on SoS). If your RP partner is being a jerk at not listening to you, PM Pip immediately and he will handle the situation. We recommend communicating with your partner upfront, and telling them what you are and aren't comfortable with.

That being said, we are a mature site for mature people who may write mature things, if they please. Make sure to tag your threads with [M] or [R] if the tonsil hockey heats up or the brain-hacking goes beyond a certain point. If the thread contains trigger material, it's probably a good idea to put a [T] in the title and write an OOC note explaining what the trigger is on the first post of the thread, preferably in big letters. We also encourage discussing what you and your thread partners are comfortable with before you begin writing any given thread or scene.

We have a policy of "anything goes", but we reserve the right to stop scenes that display content that "goes beyond a common moral/legal line". For example, dark topics such as: rape, incest, torture, and even beastiality are permitted, but explicit scenes containing pedophilia are not, and all content of explicit "dark nature" should be treated with care.

While rape is allowed to be implied, spoken of, and included in a character's history, playing out a nonconsensual sex scene will be under heavy admin scrutiny, will be played out in a special board, and must be absolutely necessary to your plot. You may be asked to stop or denied a explicit rape scene. We strongly suggest against explicit rape scenes. There have been no explicit rape scenes on SoS to date.

Situations in which a character under the age of eighteen are married off to a character over the age of eighteen should be handled with care, even though such practices are common within this genre. A good rule of thumb is, "if it was filmed and broadcast on Game of Thrones, it should be okay". You should know that there will be profanity all over the site and you will see it, usually without warning (the cbox gets weird when we're sleep deprived). You must 18 years old or older to join our merry gathering.

We do not aim to censor your writing, but at the same time, we are not a total cesspool of filth. We suggest you only write about the nasty stuff if it is vital to your plot/character development, but we're all adults, so we're not going to tell you how or what to write. Keep it classy like the lovely people we know we all are.

These rules may be edited at any time.

We're chill. Seriously, we're just here to keep things organized, keep the peace and consistency, and lord our power over you and control your insignificant little lives. Don't be shy about talking to us or suggesting crazy things. Here are the reasons we would decline a request:

- we've exhausted every way that we might make your idea fit in with the setting and/or established characters, and it's not going to work, and we're usually able to compromise when this does come up, which is not often.
- the member is creating a toxic environment because they are a jerk. No jerks here, please. If identify as a jerk, we would appreciate if you cease and desist with your jerkiness.
- you have a raging Mary-Sue. And we mean raging.

So go ahead, shoot us a PM (this account works well). Do not be afraid to ask us the tough questions, like "Is there a God?", "How do we obtain world peace?", or "Why is all the rum gone?"

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