Welcome to Swords of Speirling. We are an original fantasy site, set in a fictional world divided into seven kingdoms. We are set in the Medieval-ish/Renaissance period of this world. We have 20+ playable races available, we have no word count, and we are rated mature. Our application process is simple and to-the-point and we are LGBTQ+ friendly, straight-/cisgendered-ally friendly, and ALL racial identities-friendly. We do believe in some order, but we don't take ourselves all that seriously. Jerks need not apply. It is currently WINTER.

We are currently searching for royal family members and military characters, particularly knights.





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 Frequently Asked Questions
Peregrine Alexander
 Posted: Dec 11 2013, 11:05 PM
Rebel PrinceHuman
We're men, we're men in tights! We're butch!

For Those New to Play-By-Post RPG's:

So what exactly is this place?

This is a role playing games website. Basically what happens is: you create a character and then you write what your character does in reaction to what the other characters are doing.

What's the difference between a character and a player?

A character is a fictional playing piece written and controlled by you and the other players. An example of a player would be you, the person behind the computer screen, writing what the character is doing.

What is this site's name?

Swords of Speirling. We call it SoS for short.

What is rating of this site? Meaning what are the limits of what I can depict in my role playing (IC) posts?

We are rated 3-3-3, so basically anything goes, so long as it's in-character. Swearing all around the site is free game. Sex and violence may be written out in detail, but we ask that you mark these threads with the [M] tag, as a common courtesy to those who don't want to see things that can't be unseen. Our aim in giving SoS such a high rating is not so we can be a blood-drenched porn site, but so we can give our members to express and explore their thoughts as writers and role players without censorship.

What is a Play-By?
A Play-By, aka PB, or sometimes a face claim is the person used to represent your character. On this site, they have to be a person in the entertainment industry, and you have to know their name. Look for actors (usually the best source), musicians, models, and comedians. No politicians or random MySpace models, please. No cosplayers. It is also advisable to steer clear of people who have died in the past 5-10 years, out of respect. Your character and your PB should look about the same age (they do not have to BE the same age, as some people look older or younger than they actually are).

You must have one. I repeat, you must have one.

For best results when selecting a play-by, we recommend you imagine yourself a casting director of the movie looking for the actor to play the role of your character onscreen. Kel or I are always happy to do photo manipulations and/or colorations, as well as signatures/avatars/graphics with your character, if you wish.

If you need help finding a PB, never fear! PM Pip (this account) or Kel (Khalidah Leaf-Fall) or hit up the cbox for ideas.

But my character doesn't look human. Do I still have to use a PB? Can't I just use art?
Yes! See above. We are a PB-only site. Our species are designed so that all characters have humanoid qualities and everything else should be able to be photoshopped in.

If you really must incorporate artwork into your character, you must first create (or request for someone to create) an avatar and signature using your PB. After that, you are more than welcome to link artwork to your signature.


This thread will be continue to be updated as more questions arise.

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Peregrine Alexander
 Posted: Dec 29 2014, 11:44 AM
Rebel PrinceHuman
We're men, we're men in tights! We're butch!

For Those Experienced in Play-By-Post RPG's:

What is the site genre?

If a label is what makes you happy, then let's go with ORIGINAL MEDIEVAL FANTASY.

What part of the world is this RP set in?

It is set in a fictional place called Speirling. It is set in a larger world, of course, but the lands beyond Speirling are not defined, and are up to your description. As of this time, we do not have the option to play in lands that are not contained within Speirling, for simplicity's sake.

What lands are contained within Speirling?
Eacharnach, Foirfich, Gaothaidh, Murieach, Sgaithe, Teumnach, Riasglach Comh-Thaigeas (the latter of which isn't so much a kingdom as it is neutral ground). More information is in THIS THREAD.

What time period is SoS set during?

It is set roughly in Speirling's medieval/renaissance era. We're not too clear on exactly when. We allow some minor-to-moderate anachronisms.

What species can I play as?
Humans, vampires, werewolves, centaurs, unicorns, satyrs, sidhe (fairies), sprites, dwarves, kelpies, goblins, changelings, nymphs, demigods, banshees and hybrids of the above. More information may be found in THIS THREAD.

May I play as an original species?
We are currently closed to more species being added to our list. We have more than enough and the opportunities to play hybrid characters, so please pick from the existing species.

Do you require real-life play-bys, drawing play-bys or a mix?
We require real-life play bys (also known as PB's). If you need help selecting a play-by, PM Pip (this account) or Kel (Khalidah) or hit up the cbox for ideas. We DO NOT allow art. You may use art to supplement your character's PB, but it must be secondary - e.i., your avatar MUST be using your character's face exclusively, and your signature must have at least one image of your PB, and it may not be tiny or badly-made purposefully to make a point. If you plan on joining just to troll us, especially on this point, we politely suggest you find somewhere else to play, as we all have better things to do than fight. This is one of the few things we are strict about. You may link artwork to your character's signature.

We currently do not allow cosplayers or unnamed people as play-bys.

If, and only if, you are playing a non-humanoid character, such as a unicorn or a talking animal, you may use a photograph of an animal and in the case of unicorns, you may use realistic-looking art.

Are gay characters allowed?

LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc) characters and players are welcomed with open arms. Be sure to check with the kingdom your character resides in to see if LGBTQ characters are accepted. In certain kingdoms, homosexual is frowned upon or forbidden. For certain races, such as the sidhe, bisexually is preferred to other sexual orientations. We are an ally-site and we do not support OOC bigotry.

How do you deal with PBs of Color vs. White PBs in regard to character species?

The topic of [PB] race is not addressed in Speirling's lore, so you can use whatever face representation you feel best fits your character. We do not deal with the issue of race in relation to a PB's genetic makeup, meaning that IC-racism will all stem from the characters' species: sidhe, elf, goblin, human, etc, not their skin color. If you want to use a PB of color, then great. If you want to use a white PB, then great. PBs of mixed descent? Skin color in regards to ethnicity in terms of species is not addressed in our site's lore.

What if I don't want to write my character's sexual orientation on my application?

Then you don't have to. If your character is questioning their sexual orientation or gender, that's cool, and it's helpful if you add that. If you still aren't sure of your character's sexual orientation when you create them, then that's okay as well.

How many characters may I have?
You may have as many as you can keep active and we define that as: your first 2 characters may be created regardless of your previous activity, but after that:

You must update all of your current threads within the past two weeks or be the last person to post. If you have not received any replies on any of your threads in the past two weeks, contact an admin and we'll work something out so that you're existing characters can be active and you can create a new one. This activity requirement is for new characters only, not just creating activity for your existing ones.

Do you have a Skype/Discord group chat going on?

No, we do not have one at this time. If you and another player wish to take your conversation to an off-site private messenger, then that's up to you.

Can I reserve play-bys for my wanted ads?

No, you may not. If someone else creates a character with the face you had in mind for your wanted ad, you will have to find another. Never fear! Our staff and some other members on the site are skilled at finding all sorts of character face representation!

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Peregrine Alexander
 Posted: Dec 17 2015, 11:06 AM
Rebel PrinceHuman
We're men, we're men in tights! We're butch!

Specific Questions About the World of Speirling:

What magical powers is my character allowed to have?

We have a list HERE to give you some ideas, but the powers on this site are not limited to this list. We do ask that if you give your character a power that is not on this list, that you define what it means in their application.

What's the deal with the dragons?

Our dragons are not like the dragons of Pern or Eragon. They are more like the dragons in the How To Train Your Dragon movies. Think of them like horses or dogs; intelligent enough to make their decisions and they have their own personalities, but they don't talk to their owners. There is no magical bonding ritual, however, it is possible that a dragon and their rider become bonded the way someone is bonded to any other pet or animal familiar.
For information about Dragon species, please read: Dragons of Speirling, Official Guide
For information about Dragon Riders, please read: Dragonriders, Official Lore Guide

If humans go to the Underworld when they die, where do the non-humans go?

Everyone ends up in the Underworld, but humans, satyrs, and werewolves just end up in the Underworld much sooner, because of their shorter lifespans. Remember that just because an individual is immortal doesn't mean that they're invincible; they can die, just not of old age. Our vampires end up in the Underworld with everything else because they're not "damned" in the same way that vampires of Christian mythology are.

This post has been edited by Khalidah Leaf-Fall: Jul 22 2017, 12:31 AM

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