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 I'm Pickin' Up Good Vibrations :: Tarquin, questions on the beach
Tarquin Ellis
 Posted: Nov 23 2017, 03:27 PM
the devil takes his time

The way that Cassander had stopped, and the concerned look on the male's face had Quinn giving Cassander a pointed look. "My friend isn't here, and I've moved past the thought of eating you." Quinn stated, as the comment he'd made about cannibalism had been about his best friend, though he couldn't deny it also applied to him. And why hide it? Quinn gave Cassander a sidelong glance, "But in full disclosure I was totally contemplating it when I saw you flying." It was blunt, but it was also honest. "You're cute and you seem nice, and it would be a pity to snuff that out." The words were cheerful enough, almost as if he wasn't talking about something as serious as the thought of eating someone. Perhaps Cassander would have felt better to hear morals as the culprit for why Quinn no longer wished to eat him, but that wasn't Quinn's strong suit.

Quinn did not think that he was the norm for his species, but he had accepted that long ago. He knew that enough of them frowned upon some of the things he did, as it did not usually stop at mischief and deviousness, but there were those that were still just as wild and primal as ever. Hard to say what the majority might be like here, though once he had an idea as to Cassander's thoughts of species to pin him as, he might made a few jumps to conclusions. It wouldn't matter all that much to Quinn, though, because he would march to the beat of his own drums regardless. However, he did need to pay attention to the cultures here if he was going to be hanging around for awhile, because business would somewhat depend on it. Didn't matter all that much, because there would always be a need for assassin work, and manners only carried so much in that area of his work.

A good shock factor was favored to Quinn, but it had to be true to be used to it's full potential. He had enough little tidbits of information that could prove valuable for interesting conversations in that way, if anything to rope it all in was said. Sexually, Quinn's experience with women was very limited, but on a more social level, not so much. He'd attempted friendships with females before, but those ended in ninety eight percent betrayal and backstabbing and other horrible things, and therefore Quinn didn't trust them one bit. The other two percent was Chillmaw and Quinn saw her as more of a 'being' for some reason. Something ancient and cold, yes. Quinn couldn't really say much more than that about Chillmaw, exactly that for how crafty the creature was, she kept her sides of the deals she made. That was probably the one thing that made Chillmaw stand out so much.

Quinn was shaken from those thoughts when Cassander spoke again, saying that they both could take the role of leader. Quinn simply shrugged, not concerned as to where they went along the beach, since he didn't have anywhere he needed to be right now. Been a slow week work-wise, so he was unconcerned with his time, currently. He was in a good enough mood right now, though. Semi-relaxed so far as well, because the whole magician thing had Quinn slightly skeptical. Not Cassander's fault by any means, since that was just an ingrained issue that tied in with witches, but it kept him alert for any trickery. Cassander's inquiry about being far from home had Quinn twitching an ear. "Depends on how you define 'home', but in my case, yes." He responded evenly. "Do you live close by?" An even question, not knowing what Cassander had been thinking about the spying bit all along.

large pale gray cheetah shift

@Cassander Tuireann
Cassander Tuireann
 Posted: Nov 26 2017, 10:33 AM
I'm taking the reins, I'm crossing the bear! Just like Jesus, I'm growing a pair!

Despite his efforts to be the civilized gentlemen, it was all he could do to stare back at Quinn when he admitted that he was tempted to eat him while he was in flight. Cassander had never before experienced this scenario and he hoped he would never experience it again. Nothing had prepared him for the knowledge that another person had been staring at him with the intention of consuming him, but had thought him cute at the same time. He had come along way when it came to his attraction to other men, so the fact that Quinn was potentially attracted to him – never mind that he was a cheetah – on top of wanting to eat him was more than he could fully comprehend.

“Uhhhhh....” The sound was escaping his lips before he had the time or the state of mind to stop it. “Right then. Glad you didn't...” He could barely bring himself to say the words, “Stuff it out.”

The disgust rising in his stomach had turned to what felt like bile and it was all he could do to keep his nausea from fruition. With his luck, Quinn would enjoy watching him vomit...probably. Cassander had no idea how cannibals worked and he had not wanted to know until this moment. He still didn't want to know, but know he felt that an education on the subject might end up saving his life. Was this his plan? To stalk him and then eat him? It was all he could do to keep from visibly shuddering. Indeed, he didn't know what was keeping him from taking wing and flying the hell out of there – oh, right, Quinn wanted to eat him and seeing him in flight only intensified that...he thought? He didn't want to think anymore. The whole concept was beyond him and making him feel sicker by the second.

“Not at all. My home is a considerable distance from here.” He said, even though he was seething within that Quinn had the gall to ask such a question. You bloody well know where my home is, you cannibal-spy! But he smiled at the cannibal-spy and gestured at the sand in front of them. “Then it seems you the best-qualified to lead the way...between the two of us.”

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