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 Wyatt Morgul
Wyatt Morgul
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 08:29 AM
Council ElderGoblin - Elf - Demigod
sworn off womenheterosexual
I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed.

user posted image

NICKNAME(S);; the smart morgul, the ‘other’ morgul, lord of books, bookworm, the scholar, the elder scholar
GENDER;; male
AGE;; 15,330
DATE OF BIRTH;; October 31st
SEXUAL ORIENTATION;; Heterosexual, turned off of relationships
Paternal: Goblin-demigod hybrid
Maternal: Elf, (unbeknownst) Goblin
1/2 goblin, 1/4 elf, 1/4 demigod

KINGDOM;; Gaothaidh

BIRTHPLACE;; Nos Dam (currently Speur-ghlan), the capitol of Gaothaidh
OCCUPATION;; he is on the Council of Elders of Gaothaidh
SOCIO-ECONOMIC CLASS;; upper class, more or less
REPUTATION;; Wyatt is certainly fairly well-known in Gaothaidh as a member of the elders’ council. Everyone on the council, most of the royals and nobility know him by reputation if not by face. Even so, he tries to keep a low profile, so many probably think pretty neutrally of him.


Gray Magic:
Wyatt has vast knowledge of any kind of magic you can study, including spells, potions and particularly ancient texts and rituals. In particular, he knows many rituals and wards for protecting places, which he set to learning after he started helping plan a coup in Gaothaidh. They take a great deal of time to cast but are very powerful, and used discerningly, he believes they could make all the difference. He can also cast various offensive and defensive spells for combat, including shields, force attacks, and the like.

Life drain:
he can pull the life force from another being (animal, plant or person) to heal or strengthen himself or another being. This does not extend to resurrection, but can pull a person from the brink of death, though this will put the donor close to death. He cannot transfer his own life force to others, but he can protect it from being drained.

Shadow manipulation:
primarily illusory, it can stretch, darken, and otherwise change existing shadows, which can be useful for concealment and other purposes. Wyatt also has exceptionally good night vision.

Other abilities aside, his true power is his mind. He’s one of the smartest and most well-read men in Speirling, particularly as a student of humanoid nature and politics. These strengths lent to him becoming advisor to the Goblin Queen, ambassador of Gaothaidh, and Gaothaidhian elder. He also knows a great deal about other topics, including healing and related herbs; architecture; history; geography; the cultures of Speirling; and the languages of Speirling.

PLAY-BY;; Peter Dinklage
HEIGHT;; 4’6
WEIGHT;; 84 lbs
PHYSICAL BUILD;; slim, unmuscular, small

HAIR COLOR/LENGTH/STYLE;; dirty blond/light brown, short-medium length, and slightly curly
EYE COLOR;; light blue
COMPLEXION;; light, but with a darker undertone than you'd expect from someone who spends most of their time indoors studying and conversing
VOICE;; He speaks crisply and eloquently, a certain command to his voice whether he's speaking softly or more loudly. Generally, he speaks many of his languages with very little accent, but there tends to be the very slight lilt of one who learned the old tongue first.


user posted image
A cat that adopted Wyatt more than the other way around, finding his way into the libraries and begging for attention as a kitten. Nightshade is fairly self-sufficient, particularly good at catching mice and moths, so Wyatt values him for helping protect the books, particularly in his private study. Little by little, a bed and treats cropped up for the cat.

user posted image
A baby sloth that used to belong to a friend of his (a woman he was in love with), Amalthea. After her death, Puck fell into a frozen sleep because his life-force was bound to Amalthea’s, and Wyatt held onto him to honor her memory. Recently Puck has reanimated, and Wyatt has cared for him since. He doesn’t know why that happened, but it troubles him.

Amalthea has been resurrected and reunited with Puck.

WEAPONS;; a dagger he keeps in his boot; his razor intelligence

Wyatt has changed over the years. Growing older and seeing such tragedy and betrayal has made him darker, more focused and more single-minded. He reveals less of himself, especially his kindness and generosity, and lets people in less than he used to. Even so, he’s spent much of his life pursuing equal rights, and this has diminished his insecurities. As a good friend pointed out many years ago, how could he devalue himself so much while working to pursue equality for others?

He’s highly intelligent - among the smartest and best educated men in Speirling - and strong-willed. Usually only changes his mind in two circumstances: if someone can point out a flaw in his reasoning or if they introduce new, conflicting information. Knowledge, discussion, reason, and intelligence are paramount to him. If he could have created a culture of his own design, it would have been very, very close to the existing culture of Gaothaidh. He’s one of the most intelligent, widely read and well-educated men in Speiriling, and constantly seeks out new rare books for his collections.

It has been said that he values books more than people, but that would be a misconception. Although he loves books greatly as tools of the mind, people matter the most to him. Secretly, he’s soft-hearted and one could even say emotionally fragile. He hates to see anyone bullied or discriminated against, knowing so well what it’s like. That’s why he’s spent so much of his life seeking equal rights and being secret patron to many. Wyatt also has a strong streak of loyalty like his father.

Even so, these days he’s very discerning as to whom he cares about, particularly with regards to women. He has been known to be cold and aloof especially to women he’s attracted to.

Despite his discernment, Wyatt does his best to remain amiable to most. After realizing no one really remembered his presence during the slaughter of the last royal family, he has valued being known just enough that people forget to ask questions. And in true Gaothidhian fashion, he is a great conversationalist, witty and sarcastic, and loves to discuss politics, art and philosophy to almost no end.

  • low self-esteem/self-conscious
    he’s of small stature and no martial prowess from a family of warriors. his mother abandoned him shortly after birth. he used to think of himself as nothing, and still sometimes feels he is the family shame.
  • self-sacrificing/self-destructive
    in the past, he believed himself unworthy/unable to achieve many things he wanted, so he put other people before him in the sense of what was ‘right’ rather than what they desired. His experiences and his work pursuing equality, helping others, and reclaiming the throne has shifted his perspective somewhat; however, much of this is still true.
  • passive-aggressive/two-faced
    he's been so careful for so long about what side of himself he shows to whom that it's become second nature. Very rarely is he not picking and choosing what facts, what traits, what interests to impart to those in his company. Additionally, he rarely stands up for himself directly when insulted or hurt, but instead seeks a slow revenge. Or he pretends he isn't, which tends to eek out sideways. It hasn’t occurred to him that he’s such a deceptive person because he always has such good reasons (in his mind) for his omissions and lies.
  • stubborn
    he very rarely changes his mind once its made up, and it’s difficult to get him to go against his convictions, whether logical or moral. He won’t turn away from a path once he’s decided to pursue it, and can be single-minded in such pursuits.
  • lost in thought/single-minded
    he occasionally loses himself in his studies/plans. He can become oblivious to the world, whether that’s essentially cutting himself off from the world for days; losing track of the hours lost in thought; or locking himself in his study to write pages and pages. It wouldn’t be accurate to call him absent-minded, as in many ways he’s highly organized, but it’s noticeable nonetheless. It’s partially a by-product of having been essentially alone so long; and partly comes from his status as an outcast and introvert. It’s also related to his single-mindedness, which drives him to focus on one thing at a time until he sets it aside to focus completely on another.
  • He has been plotting a coup in Gaothaidh for hundreds of years and it's the most important thing in his life
  • He wished Amalthea would be resurrected even though he would have anything in his power to stop it
  • He’s angry with Amalthea for choosing to marry Felix, even though he insisted she do so, even though he thought it was the right decision, even after everything that happened
  • He would like to protect Felix’s children during their coup (except maybe Rancourt)
  • see Anilwyn, the ‘true’ king (in his mind) of Gaothaidh, on the throne
  • overthrow the Trilanors and find a way to prevent them from trying to regain the throne
  • see that as few innocents as possible are hurt during the overthrow, including Felix’s children (except maybe Rancourt)
  • protect Amalthea from any more suffering, even though it meant never resurrecting her

‘Mother’: abandoned him shortly after birth due to being an ‘abomination.’ Wyatt doesn’t consider her his mother but simply the woman who gave birth to him. On the one hand, he somewhat resents her for abandoning him, but on the other hand his low self-esteem tells him she was justified in doing so. Other than that, he doesn’t know (or care to know) much about her.

Wolf Morgul, father: He doesn’t like his father’s violent, more destructive side, but otherwise he respects and trusts his only parent.

Roman Dracarys: half-brother whose suffering he somewhat empathizes with. Still, he thinks many of Roman’s actions are, quite frankly, silly. He wants him to stop screwing around in Riasglach and come help with the coup in Gaothaidh.

Siblings: lots, some of whom he’s close with and some of whom he has a slightly more strained relationship. I don’t imagine he’s outright enemies with any of them, though. Being part of a family of outcasts gives them something in common.

Anilwyn Lysanar: friend and secret cousin (he hasn’t told Ani). He wants to seen Ani on the throne of Gaothaidh. Wyatt probably cares and feels more protective of him than any other person in the world right now (mostly because he doesn’t know Amalthea is alive again).

He was born in and grew up in Nos Dam (Gaothaidh’s capitol) to an elf mother and Wolf Morgul, becoming nephew of the queen at the time. His mother abandoned him shortly after birth for being a ‘freak’, and (among other things) his small stature in a family of warriors has always made him feel like the family shame.

Since he could never measure up as a warrior, he spent his days building his mental faculties and deep knowledge in the libraries. Eventually his skills would earn him a place as the goblin queen’s advisor. Wyatt did his best to carry out his duty faithfully and out of the limelight, working for the protection, stability and glory of others, especially that which he could never receive himself.

In the libraries, he met Amalthea, a powerful enchantress. The Dracarys “Princess,” at first he didn’t even feel worthy to talk to her. But as he watched her, he became curious and realized she was an outcast in her own way as well. Wyatt was one of the few who wasn’t afraid of her powers (curious, actually), and she was one of the few who was interested in him for his mind. Quickly and without meaning to, he fell in love with her, and knew it was a burden he would need to carry. She could never marry him; he was inadequate and she was a Dracarys, a member of the family his was sworn to protect. Still, he couldn’t help himself showing little affections to her, showing her passages he thought she’d find interesting and bringing her trinkets. Wyatt was proud when he managed to get her a dragon egg; not an easy task but something he guessed would mean a lot to her.

Then came the first stirrings of the Trilanor family, followed by the decision to betroth Amalthea to Felix. Politically, it was a wise choice, and in social standing, Felix was a worthy husband for her. But Wyatt couldn’t control himself, impossible as his wishes were, and he and Amalthea admitted they loved each other.

In the end, she chose Felix, and he insisted (fairly coldly) that she do so. It was something that would trouble him ever after. He’s tried to forgive himself as no one had foreseen the betrayal – but he, the smart one, should have. He has also never admitted to himself that he was angry with Amalthea for that decision. It was as it should have been - on her side of things.

As for the Trilanors, they slaughtered the goblin queen and her line and tortured Amalthea to death. There was nothing he could do in the end to stop it or save any one of them, and for a long time, he believed they were all dead. He still believes that Amalthea was/is his soulmate, and wanted to let her remain dead as a hero.

After the slaughter, he fell off the map and into drinking. He wanted only to be unknown and find the least painful existence he could, spending each day only to see it over. There was no meaning in his life: no family to serve, no loved ones to protect, and so went his days. Until Godric found him and they began to plot a coup. Having a purpose saved him, quite honestly, and he was able to return and rebuild.

It wasn’t too difficult for him to secure a place of power, first as an ambassador and later on the elders’ council, and he had a reason to use his intelligence once again. He advocated for equality and equal rights, both in Teumnach at the council of lesser fae (often as an ambassador from Gaothaidh) and in the Ring as a part of the Kindled, where he served largely as a mentor to young mages. He met Soryn through his magic-world connections and gave into his temptation despite misgivings. She used him, broke his heart and stole some of his most precious books, so he agreed to help trap her in stone. After her betrayal, he’s sworn off of women. His connection with the group of mages is less now, mainly because of his animosity with Orabella, who has de facto taken over the group after Celebrian’s death.

As an Elder, he also helps counter and council against many of King Felix’s bad decisions.

Partly in pursuit of his coup, Wyatt helped put the pieces in place so that Anilwyn could live under asylum in Gaothaidh. Although he didn’t tell him they were cousins, they did become friends. Sparking off each other’s ideas, they both formed businesses that did tremendously.

Then Felix attempted to force Eilonwy to marry his son, resulting in Felix banishing Ani and his daughter. Wyatt felt his absence deeply, on both a personal level and in the even minute political shifts. He continued to plan the coup with his co-conspirators, firming up the plans and setting up Felix to purchase Draco, a slave and co-conspirator, to undermine the king's standing.

Around that same time, he became preoccupied by Puck's reanimation, researching that further and trying not to get his hopes and fears up that Amalthea had been resurrected. While researching, he chanced into her at the Gaothaidhian library and took her in.

He hasn't yet told her about his continued feelings, and isn't sure he will.

To ensure the safety of the coup, he's told his co-conspirator (her twin brother) Godric that she's alive. In doing so, he learned that Godric was involved in her resurrection, which troubles him.

PRONOUNS;; she/her
COMFORT LEVEL;; I’m comfortable with almost anything, except maybe rape and incest. I’m more than happy to match my partners’ comfort levels, though; I’m happy fading to black on a lot of things.

A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU;; I really love animals, especially dogs

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Peregrine Alexander
 Posted: Jan 2 2018, 09:21 PM
Rebel PrinceHuman
We're men, we're men in tights! We're butch!

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