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Anilwyn Lysanar

Gaothaidh Minion

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Jun 10 2016, 10:22 AM
Ani knew this was a bad idea. Going off to get assassins to join his cause? A wildly stupid idea. Even he knew this. But he needed the men and women and magic. He had heard of the Dragon’s Clan as a boy. His childhood friends had told him stories and he had heard even more of them through his travels. Of course, one would think being the richest man in Speirling he would easily get a chance to meet with the leader. No such luck. Nobody seemed to know anything about anything. Anyone that seemed to have a hint of knowledge quickly shut their mouths. This was all hogwash!

So Ani sat outside on a dock, staring at the ships in the port. He knew if things came down to it, he may need to leave Speirling to get more fighters to overthrow King Felix. He would do it. He had to. Gaothaidh was rightfully his. And he would be a better king, he supposed. He took a bite into his sandwich, annoyed that his desire to find the legendary assassins were going nowhere. Maybe he should packup and go back to Kronos’ home and live out his days in…Sgaithte…

Gods no! He would not spend his years lingering away in Sgaithte. Besides, he was fae, he doubted they would let him do anything more than spend a week’s worth of vacation. Even then he knew they wanted his money. Chewing his food he could feel someone watching him. his guard was around, but he was worried Felix had hired an assassin to kill him.

((OOC: This thread will reach into a larger plot))
Aug 11 2015, 06:02 AM


NICKNAME(S): Ulunn Sindarin (real name), Jaspar Boggins, The Spider, Ani, Dr. Lysanar, Flitwick Northhammer, Edo Shield Winterfell, Thorborin Lefloric, Fflewddur Underhill, Goblin King, The Earl of Shanana
AGE;; 473
DATE OF BIRTH;; August 28th
SEXUAL ORIENTATION;; Gay//On the Asexual Spectrum
SPECIES;; Goblin-Sidhe
KINGDOM;; Gaothaidh
OCCUPATION;; Guild Master, Master Inventor, Lord, Instigator of an attempted Rebellion, Secret Patron of the Black Market, Part of the Gaothaidh Royal Council
SOCIAL CLASS;; High now, was born Low
A combination of technopathy and magic. Anilwyn has always been an inventive genius but he has the ability to fuse magic and technology together to form new creations, as well as advance the current technology. He is able to infuse life into his machines and allow them to operate on their own. Most of his machines are bound to him magically speaking so while they have the potential to turn on others generally they look to him as their master.

He has some skill with potions.

However, his real power is his mind. He is very, very smart. He’s not omniscient, though. He has always had an uncanny ability to understand how things work from machinery to some forms of magic.

PLAY-BY;; Martin Freeman
HEIGHT;; 3’8
WEIGHT;; 50 lbs
VOICE: Sounds like Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit Trilogy
PERMANENT MARKINGS;; he has a tattoo on his bicep of some writing in ancient goblin. His right leg has a nasty scar and many of the veins around the scar are black. He was stabbed in the leg with an enchanted blade by his father.

Ani hasn’t realized this yet but his girl hedgehog is actually a boy hedgehog. Rosie is often found weaseling out of Ani’s pockets and getting himself into trouble.
Ani has his own personal guard (consisting of up to 10 men or women). He usually has men and women that are warriors that protect him. Though he has been known to hire a wandering witch or wizard should the need arise.

He is usually seen walking with his cane. His cane can turn into a sword, though he would much rather not to fight. He does have several clockwork robots at his disposal but they mostly stay at home. He is working on a project called “Iron or Steam Giant” which is said to be a revolutionary new military weapon for Gaothaidh.

Anilwyn is a man of the world. He is well traveled, well versed and quite agreeable, at least he’ll tell you that he’s very agreeable. He tries to get along with everyone. However, he can be snappish if he feels slighted in anyway or if he thinks you’re insulting a friend or family member. Sarcasm is never too far from his mouth, either.

Anilwyn is bold and talkative. When he gets passionate about something he will not shut up. Ani is polite enough but he won’t censor himself to get information. He does enjoy pranks and trickery.

He’s a bit of a liar, a very big liar. Ani likes to expand on the truth. He’s traveled and has many, many adventures to tell others about. However, he tends to exaggerate how things actually happened.

He always treats everyone as his equal and he does expect the same in return. Ani prefers the company of those that are individuals and unique. Ani is famous for ‘collecting’ people around Speirling. He’s been a mentor to a great many wizard, guild master, ect. He’s very open minded and forward thinking.

Few people know about Ani’s darker nature. But his jovial remark about always paying his debts has a much darker undertone. Ani is someone that won’t let anything go. If he makes a threat he must go through with it. He’s no stranger to murder or getting his hands dirty. However, he does have his own moral code. He simply cannot stand seeing injustice go unpunished.

Ani loves adventure, perhaps a bit too much. He’s always got his hands into too many pots at once. He does not like to follow rules. He thinks they were meant to be broken.
  • Unreliable narratorhe’s been known for telling lies, and expanding on the truth.
  • He’s only 3’8, so he’s generally not an amazing fighter.
  • His friends and family, people are generally always going to be able to use loved ones against him.
  • Sob stories, he cannot help but feel bad for others with a tragic past and he will usually try to help them, this has gotten him in with the wrong people in the past.
  • Half planned schemes, sometimes he doesn’t completely think things through before he does them.
  • Up to something, Anilwyn is almost always up to something that is probably less than virtuous.
  • Arrogant, Ani has been known to be a bit on the arrogant side, especially when his cleverness is involved. He can get carried away with things quite easily.
He’s gay (most of his close friends know this but most of the general public doesn’t).
He wants to kill his father.
To him the war is not really over.
He’s been making new war machines for the government.
He has been secretly aiding rebellions throughout Speirling for the past few centuries by providing weapons, food, ect.
His daughter was created through magical means, so that he and his deceased soul mate could have a child.
He’s plotting against the current king of Gaothaidh.
Make his new war machines,
Kill his father
Keep his daughter safe
Overthrow King Felix
Restore the Goblins as the Rightful Heirs of Gaothaidh
Mother: Ellora Lysanar, a goblin tinker. She was the great-great-great granddaughter of a famed goblin who started a rebellion nearly 1,000 years ago. She would die shortly after Anilwyn’s birth.

Father: Calanor Sindarin. He’s a sidhe. He’s a member of the royal court, and a royal adviser. He’s an elitist, evil and generally wants to kill anything that’s not greater fae.

Eilonwy Lysanar: His daughter.

Several unnamed siblings that he has no contact with.

Several other siblings that he still has contact with.

Many nieces, nephews (biological and chosen) as well as several godchildren
Wicked Witch of Speirling: He’s been known to hang around some shady characters. And this banished witch is one of his oldest friends.
Vorin the third: grandson to his best friend Vorin the 1st. He’s one of Ani’s protégés.

Countless other former up-risers that are in his employment.

Celebrian: Mother of his child?
Ani’s birth was not a happy one. His mother would die shortly after he was born. He was the product of rape. Ani’s father, Calanor, had every intention of killing his deformed baby. It is unknown what magic or kindness kept Calanor from killing Ani. Calanor named the baby Ulunn, which in the sidhe ancient tongue meant deformed creature.

Ani was not well received by the court. His love of practical jokes and mischief didn’t earn him any favors with his father. Eventually he was sent to the Caoin-Chaithlinn Forest.

Ani cried pulling at his father's robes. He begged Calanor to keep him. But Calanor just walked away, never looking back. In the forest he would meet many other children He quickly made friends with a dwarf lad named Vorin. As he grew older, Ani would become friends with a powerful enchantress, her equally creepy twin and their older brother, a dragon mage. Eventually joining them was most beautiful boy Ani had ever seen. His name was Eilonor Nymeria and it was love at first sight for Ani.

Gradually, the group started to form an underground rebellion. He didn’t realize how serious his friends were about going to war. Ani admitted that he worried about their futures to Eilonor. Eilonor assured Ani he would protect him. Ani loved Eilonor but it became obvious the unicorn hybrid only had eyes for the sorceress. So Ani let things be.

It wasn’t long before there were many that wanted to join in a rebellion. Ani wasn’t so sure about bloodshed but his friends all seemed convinced it was the only way. Many looked up to him as the leader, despite the fact it was the sorceress’s idea. They called him the Goblin King.

The up-rising never happened, despite what Ani has told others. Their leader, the sorceress, was captured by Calanor. Eilonor was killed in some sort of struggle trying to protect her. And thus the uprising died before it began. Ani never even got to say goodbye to Eilonor. But he knew Calanor had killed him, if only to hurt Ani.

Ani and the other rebels would be put on trial. His father was amongst the council that banished him. Calanor made sure that the Goblin King, and the Wicked Witch as he so cruelly dubbed them would become pariahs. He was sent on a boat for Riasglach but they never reached the prison. His friends rebelled against the guards that were taking them.

Ani and his friends found themselves in Sgaithte. He really had no desire to stay in Sgaithte but his sorceress friend was convinced she was meant to be queen. So Ani stayed for a while.

By chance, he would meet an ambassador from Gaothaidh. The man was impressed with Ani’s intelligence and his inventions. Ani decided to leave and head for the more enlightened kingdom. Vorin followed him. Ani was granted asylum by the royal family of Gaothaidh.

Within two decades, he was no longer a refugee. He was granted a royal title and while he was still exiled from Teumnach, he was no longer a wanted man. Ani became rich, the type of rich where even your money has money. He had his own guild called "The Company".

He was not content, though. He wanted more. He began working with Speirling’s underground and shady businesses. The things he's done, he's not very proud of. While Ani’s life was wonderful his old friends’ lives were not.

It pained him to see them going down such dark paths. But he knew they were beyond his help now. So he chose to not contact them again, except for the dragon mage. Eventually his old friends were banished by a wizard with Ani’s help.

Decades would pass in relative peace for him. In his free time, Ani would go on adventures, travel throughout Speirling, dine with kings and queens. He would continue to work with some shady beings, selling some of his inventions illegally.

He would often go to Riasglach to see his old friend, but the mage was troubled. Despite all of Ani's intelligence, Ani couldn’t save him. The mage gave Ani several illegal dragon eggs and told him never to return.

Ani would lose his dear friend Vorin to old age. Ani felt very alone after Vorin's death. Ani decided it was finally time to have his own family.

Shocking everyone, Ani would have a daughter with Serenity Nymeria, mother of Eilonor. He has never discussed how his daughter came to be. But decades past quickly in relative peace for him. Well, apparent peace. Ani had never gotten over his father's ability to get away with everything. He needed his rebellion brethren back. And he began recruiting, getting many to join his guild with similar goals.

He was working on his new steam giant project when he was called to go up north. He was ambushed on his way. Ani and his protégé Vorin the third survived the ambush and fled to the South.

Ani attempted to head to the Water’s Edge in hopes to find some way up the coast and back to Gaothaidh. But he was forced to stop when he came to the Water’s Edge. Something scared him. Someone made him turn around and head back for Riasglach to find a new path to Gaothaidh.

COMFORT LEVEL: See Artemis Dracarys
WHERE DID YOU FIND US?: A butterfly told me
A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU;; I lived in Japan for a year and a half
Mar 27 2015, 06:34 PM

Wants for this Guy

So what can I say about Anilwyn Lysanar? He's played by Martin Freeman. He's the richest man in Speirling. He punched me in the face once, it was awesome.

Goblin Guard
    Ani needs the head of of his personal guard and other high ups.

    While Ani's not the king of Gaothaidh (though, he could be soon. (Which will be an interesting dynamic between his guard and the royal guard getting into a power struggle. There is already a lot of anger between the Goblin Guard and the Royal Guard.)
  • These guys and gals are Ani’s own personal guard. They protect him and his daughter, and any other of his relatives/friends that come in from out of town.
  • Will be loyal to Ani, not really searching for characters that are there to create turmoil quite yet.

  • Only high ups deal with Ani and they do call him and his relatives 'your highness' and other royal titles.
  • All bare the mark of the Goblin King (a special tattoo written in ancient goblin swearing their loyalty)
  • Can be both men, women, non-binary, any species, been born to any class.
  • Like the Musketeers in the sense that they swear loyalty to Anilwyn upon joining. And his daughter. They are like a band of brothers and sisters. All amazing warriors, mages, ect in their own right. Bad asses can apply.
    Ani seeks out the best and most loyal warriors throughout Speirling and beyond
  • Some of his guard are under cover spies in other kingdoms
  • Some members of the Goblin Guard were a part of his attempted rebellion hundreds of years ago
The Banished One

So this guy as of right now has no name and hasn't been mentioned all too much. He was very intelligent. A highly skilled warrior. He was involved with Anilwyn Lysanar's daughter for a brief period of time, he really cared for her. But he got banished by Anilwyn Lysanar (his boss).

I'd like to see him start problems Riasglach (the place where he was banished to) and for Ani. While Ani's a nice guy, there is a point where he stops being nice and starts acting like the richest man in Speirling. And this guy is a prime example of what happens when you over step your boundaries with him. He has a connection Anilwyn's only daughter and heir, Eilonwy Lysanar (he was an almost lover. And a cautionary tale of not to go after the boss's daughter).

He's currently part of the High King of Riasglach's trope, as his righthand and best friend. His goals, some of his personality are up to you. But I'd generally like him to have been a nice guy, a bit of a playboy but not stupid or completely devoid of emotion.

Playby: Santiago Cabrera
Proof of what happens when you cross Anilwyn Lysanar
Was once a high ranking member of the Goblin Guard
Age 60-80
  • Some sort of hybrid (sidhe or nymph/open maybe a nymph/satyr)
  • Bit of a playboy, was loyal and honorable (defintely more like an Aramis type playboy than a jerky one)
  • Early life is fairly open. Though I could see him coming from Teumnach (the fairy kingdom with a caste system since he was at one point hired by Ani's father who is a high up in Teumnach.) He was at one time hired by Ani's father to assisinate Ani and his daugther. This guy had a change of heart, but he stupidly decided not to tell anyone about his past with Ani's father (the two hate each other)
  • Had a bromance with Ani. Like they were amazing friends, till he tried to hook up with Ani's daughter and nothing ruins a bromance faster than that
  • The bromance was broken when Ani found the Banished kissing his daughter. Which only got the Banished a warning, however, Banished didn’t take the warning too seriously and still pursued her. He was interested in more than one night, but Ani didn't see it that way.
  • All the while he did something to anger the Queen of Gaothaidh (up to you to decide. He could have totally found out her secret and attempted to use it against her. She's a raging meanie so he wouldn't have been in the wrong), who told Ani about this guy's past with Ani's father, so Ani believed this guy was trying to kill him and his daughter. She made him break things off Ani's daughter. Ani fired him as well. Being dishonored and fired from the Goblin Guard would have been a big deal for him. It was like a Brotherhood, and a lot of his fellow Gobliners as they're called, would have felt betrayed as well. So to him it was like losing his family.
  • He would be accused of treason in Gaothaidh, though he knows the Queen and Anilwyn were probably pulling strings. He would be banished to Riasglach ( a former prison colony in Speirling) and has been there for last 10 years.
  • He was told Anilwyn’s daughter committed suicide after his flirtations (he broke things off her in a very cruel manner, because the Queen made him). Might be the reason he decided to stay in Riasglach (there was a wall that kept all the bad people in Riasglach, but it fell down a few years ago) as his own form punishment after the wall fell.
  • Still maintains his loyalty to the Goblin Guard despite being kicked out
The Captain of the Guard
  • Will have been a part of Ani's rebellion. So he'll need to be at least 473.
  • Some sort of Hybrid.
  • He was friends with the Banished One.
  • Raised in the Caoin-Chaithlinn Forest
The Second in Command
  • Mostly open ended.
  • Should be at least 300.
  • He's trying to get the Banished One back to Gaothaidh.
The Newbie
  • He'll be youngish.
  • He was mentored by the banished one. So that would have been over ten years ago.

Feb 10 2015, 06:15 PM
Ani was pacing back and forth, waiting for his hired help. This was to be a burglary of epic proportions. Stealing from the King of Gaothaidh himself. Ani knew it was not a completely thought out plan, but honestly were any of his plans ever thoroughly thought out? The answer was, no, they were not. He continued to pace out of nervousness. Ani needed proof, though. Proof that the King had hired individuals to assassinate him. He could show said proof to the Elder Council and thus King Felix would be reprimanded. Well, not reprimanded, but Ani knew that King Felix was running the risk of losing his crown with or without Ani’s schemes.

Ani’s staff were nowhere in sight, though his two nephews were drunkenly singing around a large barrel of some sort of ale.

“That was for the King’s Party!” Ani shouted at the imp/goblin hybrid boys.

They weren’t really boys, they were both in their 50’s going on 14. The pair giggled and rushed off yelling something about ‘swamp sex’ and ‘future son in law’. Ani rolled his eyes. His nephews loved their jokes. Ani only liked jokes when he was playing them on other people, or he was in the know.

Ani waited, looking at the large grandfather clock in front of him. The clock, like most of Ani’s possessions was a little over the top. Whenever the time got to the hour and chimed, little wooden and mechanical figures would come out dancing a song about whatever time it was. A few minutes until the hour.
Jan 10 2015, 06:44 AM
The party was just starting. There was food everywhere, an extremely large dance floor (but Ani knew with so many different types of people showing up the dance floor and music and dinner time would no doubt become divided between the ‘well mannered’ and the ‘not so well mannered’. Ani made sure that all the nobles and royals were on one side (except for Felix who he had stuck with a group of Sgaithte’s dragon riders who were to be in attendance) and the others were on the otherside. He knew there would be food throwing, loud singing on one side, while polite conversation, and well choreographed dancing happened on the other.

People were starting to show up, so Ani stood from his seated position at the head of the table. Cedric was to sit right next to him when the speeches and dinner started. Ani was very excited. Almost everyone he invited had chosen to attend. He had invited…everyone of any importance around Speirling and even people from beyond. Even those he had just met on the street. He had explained in the letter that it was for the King of Riasglach, and in lieu of a coronation present for Riasglach would be expected. He hadn’t told Cedric about that. But he assumed the King would be happy with the outpouring of gifts and connections he would gain at this party. Ani knew a few other people that were using his connections at this party. Too bad he hadn’t made it a masked affair, but no, everyone needed to see each other’s faces.

Even King Felix would be in attendance, which was more of a formality than anything else. Ani knew Felix was expecting his announcement about a possible engagement between the two families, and Ani had yet to figure out a way out of this predicament. He would though. No child of his was marrying that little monster Prince Rancort. He would just have to get creative.

Ani had not seen Cedric in a long while, and he didn’t know whether he was happy or worried about that. After all, his daughter’s bedroom, the large Romanesque style bathing area (which was quite frankly more like a giant heated pool with soaps and showers). The thought that the two could be running around doing gods only knew what worried him. And where was Kronos and Ichabod! Ani began greeting guests as they entered with a usual smile on his face.
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