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OCCUPATION: The Flower Princess of Teumnach
AGE: 19
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Lorelei Gwydion


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Apr 26 2018, 08:15 AM
Lorelei sighed and gently rubbed her growing stomach. It was time for tea and she had set up a whole spread for her friend Ariaya and a few others whom the Royal Seer had asked if they could come. She wasn't sure how this was going to go or what was going to occur, but she was going to do the best she could, that was something the little Flower Princess always had done before, and nothing would change that.

Lorelei turned to her tea table, and smiled kindly towards it, checking to be sure there were four place settings, four teacups, four chairs and lots of random treats and things of that nature, and to her, it looked quite pretty. Lore even walked over to the wall and took the prettiest candlesticks from the wall, setting them in the center of the little tea table. She set two candles inside of them gently and lit them, looking back on her table again and smiled again, as there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" the little flower princess called out.


ooc: Ariaya's asking for the tea has been approved by her handler.
other notes: Sorry this is so short! I was having a hard time getting more than just setting the scene!
word count: 182
tags: @Arietta Talson & @Orabella Morgan & @Ariaya Sura Nesitriel
Apr 23 2018, 08:51 PM
Hiya! This may not be so pretty as a want ad, however, I can promise fun plots and loads of threads for Kilian and Lorelei!

WANTED: Kilian Bhaird
Guard, boyfriend and baby daddy of Lorelei, the youngest princess of Teumnach!

-Age is up to you, as is birthday and species, (though keep in mind that Lorelei is a Sidhe!)
-For Character Face I would LOVE to see Eddie Redmayne! Though if you have other thoughts I will think on this.
- Hist history is entirely yours to come up with (I can give pointers and advice if you need) with the exception of him falling in love with Lorelei and sleeping with her to make their twins.

If you take Kilian, be prepared for a little bit of drama with the royal family!

I'm looking forward to my Lorelei having the love of her life by her side on board! If you've any questions, feel free to ask!
Mar 31 2018, 09:41 PM
Lorelei paced her rooms, fear in her everything that was going on.

Between her attacks and how she was feeling, she didn't know what to do about it, about any of it. And so, despite wanting to talk to Rhia or Rhodri, or even Lannie or Kilian, she called for Ariaya. She knew that her slightly younger friend, and the Royal Seer would probably would be better to toss her fears to than her siblings or her guards.

Lore knew better than to try to talk to her parents about how she was feeling, and she wasn't even sure what she would even TRY to say any of this to any of them. Even her guards and siblings would be angry, or well, Lannie would be worried, and Kilian, well, if what was happening was what she thought it was, he'd both be hated and threatened, and she didn't want that...

So Lore paced, and paced, and paced some more, before sending a note to Ariaya, begging her to come to her. The flower princess wasn't feeling well, and she hated that fact, but she also wasn't sure what was going on for positive.

However, she KNEW she had to sort it out...

@Ariaya Sura Nesitriel
Dec 26 2017, 11:20 PM
"Lannie... It isn't clear, right? I mean, nobody else would be able to tell?" Lorelei asked her best friend and guard. Lore heard the sound Lannie made and looked down at her feet instead of up at her face. The youngest princess of Teumnach knew she wasn't all that far along, but she was already starting to get a bit of a bump, and her face was sort of filling out just a little bit too. She'd only just found out she was pregnant, but yet she was still gaining weight all over the place. "They're all going to know... Aren't they?" she asked, though the words weren't really a question. She knew the answer.

"Rhia's going to know..." she said as she glanced at the clock on the wall of her rooms. "And she's meant to be here now... Shall we go down?" Lore added, trying to smoothe down her dress to try to make it so that nobody would know she was pregnant.

But that wasn't likely.

Lorelei sighed and started to fuss with her skirt again as Lannie nodded. "I should give up, right?" she asked. "Rhia's going to know right away..." Lore bit down nervously on her bottom lip and sighed, gently rubbing her swelling stomach. "We should just get it over with, right?" she asked, watching her best friend's face and nodding with herself in agreement. "Right?"

Lorelei turned back to Lannie again. "You think this is going to be okay, right?" she asked, as they walked down the corridors of the Palace of Silverain, ending up face to face with her eldest sister. "Oh, uhm, hi Rhia...." Lore said, her hand flittering towards her stomach.

ooc: GMing of Xiulan has been okayed by Kel
@Rhiannon Gwydion
Dec 25 2017, 11:42 PM


  • Lore
  • Lei
  • “The Flower Princess of Teumnach” - title used by the people of Teumnach
  • Little Flower - term of endearment used by Rhiannon and Rhodri
  • Lorelei Delphi - name she was born under
GENDER;; Female
AGE;; Nineteen Years Old
KINGDOM;; Teumnach
BIRTHPLACE;; Palace of A'Halon, Gorm-Cheathach
  • The Locals - Lorelei is very popular amongst the people of Teumnach - both within the royal court, and amongst the common folk. She seems to be the life of the palace itself, greeting everyone who crosses her path with a friendly smile. Her happy attitude is quite infectious.
  • The refugees - So far, all they know of Lore is what her eldest sister has said of her, but Lorelei is soon to know how they truly feel about her, when she meets them for the first time, with her brother, in order to go meet with Rhia, and Kilian, so that they could tell the men of her little secret.
  • The family - Her happy and playful spirit seems to possess no limits. Lorelei is always entertained by the acrobats, minstrels and bards, jesters and magicians that visit and put on shows for the royal court. Her laughter seems to spread throughout the room to everyone present that there is inevitably an applause at the finale. Each time this happens, her siblings, especially Rhia and Rhodri do their best to be sure that this can happen over and over again. They seem to really enjoy to see their baby sister happy!
  • Empathy- Ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others.
  • Weather manipulation-Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena (rain, tornadoes, lightning, ocean currents, etc.) or control the intensity of the weather.
  • Latent Manipulation - Powers over plants, also linked to her emotions. When the weather gets warmer, she's happier, and so there is an abundance of blossoms in the Cherry Blossom trees, as well as any others around her, hence why she is called “The Flower Princess of Teumnach”
PLAY-BY;; Zhao Li Ying
HEIGHT;; 5’5”
WEIGHT;; 105 pounds (at the start)
PHYSICAL BUILD;; very skinny (at the start)
HAIR COLOR/LENGTH/STYLE;; dark brown/black hair, long, mostly worn either down and straight or in a braid or bun.
EYE COLOR;; doe brown
VOICE;; Sample: Click
PERMANENT MARKINGS;; Lorelei had a large gash all the way through her right side, where someone had attacked her in the gardens of the Royal Castle. It’s sort of healed now, however, the jagged gash that happened that day is the biggest reason as to why Kilian, her second Guard, had got his job.
<tr><td></td><td align="justify">Serenity – A piebald Barock pinto mare (1/2 Friesian). Serenity was a gift from Rhia and Rhodri for Lorelei’s ninth birthday.</td></tr>
<tr><td></td><td align="justify">Wynter– A Winter gryphon (Snowy Owl-Snow Leopard)</td></tr>
<tr><td></td><td align="justify">Quinn – A brindled fawnequin Great Dane puppy. Lore was given Quinn by Dawn after the sun priestess returned to Teumnach</td></tr>
WEAPONS;; Bow and Arrow like her eldest siblings, Rhia and Rhodri, thanks to Rhodri teaching her!

  • Kind: Lorelei is kind to all (creatures and other beings alike), unless they’ve given her a reason not to be kind to them. She shows her kindness in many ways, such as flowers, shows, smiles, even written poems or stories, depending on the person and how kind they’d been to her and to her family.
  • Carefree: When she was young, Lorelei was a carefree young princess, and as the youngest in the family, she was treated as such, and then she got kept aside, away from most others, from all outside of the palace and the grounds around it. This was when she became just a little bit less carefree and became more emotional, and her powers came out just a bit more.
  • Easily Entertained: Lorelei is very easily entertained by the shows and entertainers. There’s something in a show that makes the smile come out on the young flower princess’ face. She also, for a long time, only had shows and books to keep her mind moving, even with the tutor, she had a hard time learning sometimes, thanks to her emotionally charged powers.
  • Inquisitive: Lorelei is a very inquisitive young princess, and she always had been. To the point where it’s making her feel like her being held inside the palace grounds is keeping her from learning about life, and so she sneaks out, a number of times with Kilian, her second guard, much to the dismay of Xiulan, her best friend and first guard. This little problem also has caused, very recently, for her and Kilian to have snuck out and things have happened, causing her to have a little one (or two) inside of her, which she’s only just found out about and isn’t sure how to tell her family.
  • Naive: Lorelei is extremely naive because she pretty much never goes out of the castle grounds. Due to her empathy, too many emotions are bad for her, and so her family is keeping her safe, but to her, it's ruining her chances to learn.
  • Loving: Lorelei is very loving, especially towards Rhia and Rhodri. She'll show them love at every chance she gets, with homemade presents, songs, plays, anything that might make them smile.
  • Protective: Lorelei would do anything for her eldest siblings, and therefore if anyone so much as tried to hurt either Rhia or Rhodri, Lore will fight back in every way she can. Be it bow and arrow, or with the weather. Anyone who hurt them would pay.
  • Family Oriented: Lorelei loves her family very much. Though the three people she’s closest to are Rhia, Rhodri and Kieran, and if anyone hurts either of her eldest siblings especially, it will not be pretty from Lore’s perspective. Lore has powers that she hasn’t even begun to even be able to explore because she’s been held so safely within the castle walls, but watch out when she truly can let loose what she has inside.
  • Desire: Lorelei wants most of all to be just like her eldest sister, looking up to Rhia and Rodri most of everyone in the family. And up till Rhia moves out of the castle, she’s closest to her and to Rhodri, spending most of her time with the twins than with the rest of the family combined, and preferring it that way.
  • Empathy: Lorelei is an Empath, and mostly feels those closest to her both in area and in trust. She feels everything from Rhia and Rhodri and it doesn’t matter how far away they are from her. She also feels Kilian in that way, though she hadn’t at first, not till they snuck away together. But now she feels him as well, just as she does with her eldest siblings.
  • Weather: Lorelei tries hard not to change the weather, she tries to stay calm, especially after her nightmares, but generally when those happen (depending on the season) the Kingdom ends up having a rain or snowstorm, and when she’s awake, and happy (at least on the outside) the sun is shining and clouds are white and beautiful, to show her happy side.
  • Emotions: Lorelei, as an Empath and someone who can control weather, both are extremely emotion driven things, which is the reason the family gives Lore for not being allowed too far away from the Palace, but she still sneaks out, regardless of that fact.
  • Nightmares - She gets horrible nightmares, though she doesn’t ever let on about them and nobody would ever know she gets them because of how happy and carefree that she appears on the outside, and nobody knows of them either, not even Kilian, but she wakes up screaming all the time. (Though she’s starting to wonder if Xiulan knows and just isn’t saying anything about it).
  • Naivety - Because she’s been kept mostly hidden away, and as she is the youngest of the royal siblings, she’s very naive of the world around her, and hates that she’s naive, wanting so badly to know everything that happens around the outside world.
  • Sheltered - Lorelei is very much sheltered from pains and really anything in the outside world and because of that, she feels that she is not as smart as she could be, which makes her feel like she needs to turn to even more books and theatrical things instead of people, in order to learn. This also adds to her flaw of naivety.
  • Empathy - She is extremely empathetic, and it is linked to her emotions and the weather. If she’s upset or angry, you’d know.
  • Fear - she is terrified of how her family (especially her parents) will react to her news, and fears being sent away, or worse, that Kilian or Xiulan (or both) would be.
  • She loves her guard, Kilian.
  • She has just found out that she’s going to have a baby with Kilian (her guard).
  • She will soon find out that she’s pregnant with not only one baby, but a set of twins, by Kilian.
  • Cerridwen is her half sister, though this is a secret she doesn’t know. Yet.
  • She refuses to share her feelings with most people, mostly only sharing them with Rhia, Rhodri and Xiulan (her first guard and best friend).
  • She is an Empath (part of why she's kept away from large groups.)
  • She can control the weather with her emotions (another reason why she's hidden away).
GOALS;; Lorelei honestly wants two things in life. Firstly for her family and friends to be happy, healthy and safe. Secondly, to be happy healthy and safe herself. She’s simple in her goals, to help others as best as she can, to protect her family. To find out who she truly is.
  • Mother: Sorcha Gwydion - Queen Consort of Teumnach (nee Rhodes)
  • Father: Arandur Gwydion - King of Teumnach
  • Brothers:
    - Arhodrian “Rhodri” Gwydion - Crown Prince and Heir to the Throne (203 years old and Rhia’s twin brother)
    - Turin Gwydion - Prince of Teumnach (70-80 years old)
    -Helios Gwydion - Prince of Teumnach (35-50 years old, and Morgana’s twin brother)
    - Kieran Gwydion - Prince of Teumnach (24-30 years old)
  • Sisters:
    - Rhiannon “Rhia” Gwydion - Princess of Teumnach (203 years old and Rhodri’s twin sister)
    - Morgana Gwydion - Princess of Teumnach (35-50 years old and Helios’ twin sister)
  • Half Sister: Cerridwen Minas (though she is unaware that this is a sister and thinks that she is her cousin, her mother’s orphaned niece) - Warrior Priestess (152 years old)
  • Bodyguard/Boyfriend: Kilian Bhaird
  • Xiulan “Lannie” Liao (bodyguard/best friend)
  • Dawn (sun priestess)
  • Nymeria Kitsukami (Rhia’s handmaiden)
Extended Family (Gwydion/Delphi)
  • Grandfather – King Airion Delphi (deceased)
  • Grandmother - Cassandra Delphi (nee. Airgetlam)
  • Aunts - Atlanta Gwydion, Celeste Delphi
  • Ancestors
    - Great-uncle: Emerion Delphi (deceased. Died during the Great War)
    - Great-aunt: Aerlinniel Delphi (deceased)
    - Great-grandfather: Airadan Delphi (deceased. Died during the Great War)
    - Great-great-grandfather: Arthion Delphi (deceased)
    - Great-great-great-grandfather: Aearion Gwydion (deceased)
    - Great-great-great-great-grandfather: Andaer Gwydion (deceased)
Extended Family (Rhodes)
  • Grandfather – Aodhán Rhodes (deceased)
  • Grandmother - Aisling Rhodes (nee. Callahan) (deceased)
  • Uncles - Faolán Rhodes; Killian and Niall (twins)
  • Aunts - Caitlin and Caoimhe (twins)
  • Great Uncles - Alastar Rhodes, Brendan Rhodes, Ciarán Rhodes
  • Great Aunt - Flora Rhodes
  • Cousins - Alannah Rhodes, Catriona Rhodes, Darina Rhodes, Breandan Rhodes
  • Second cousins - Declan Rhodes, Finnagán Rhodes, Gilroy Rhodes
  • Great-Grandfather - Cadogan Rhodes (deceased)
  • Great-grandmother - Dierdre Rhodes (deceased)
  • Born youngest child to Arandur and Sorcha Gwydion on June 17th at the palace at A’Halon.
  • Grew up watching all of her older siblings, wishing to be as good as they were at everything they seemed to do.
  • Dreaming to be like them, especially Rhiannon.
  • On her ninth birthday her eldest siblings gave her a very special present, her horse, Serenity. The pair pulled together to get her for Lorelei and Lore was so excited for it that she did everything she could to learn to ride, and bond with her new horse, and they were a team from that point on.
  • Tutored by the same man who tutored and taught all of her siblings before her, Theron Abégendlic, who showed her that learning could be fun, and she spent all of her free time learning and reading, finding out that learning didn’t always have to be from books, she branched out into plays, music, the theatre. Where she found that she could both BE entertained and also entertain others. And she loved that. (The only thing she didn’t like is being around so many people, but on the stage, she found that she felt less emotions from around her, she felt better. Both about herself and about life around her.)
  • After she starts learning with Theron, she’s given her second pet, a Gryphon, named Wynter, whom she takes care of in a very loving and caring manner, just as she does with Serenity, her horse.
  • Grows up loving learning and books, desiring to be someone special, someone important, someone loved.
  • Lore and Xiulan met when they were small. They grew closer while under the tutelage of Theron, and it became more solid during Lannie’s visits to the palace with the Colonel (commander of the City Guard) and stronger still after Xiulan became her first guard. Their friendship developed more and more over time, in which at some point through it, Lannie fell into a habit of calling her ‘your highness’ due to Lannie’s common upbringing (daughter of a servant and a noble) compared to Lorelei’s royal one, though Lore hated that, and saw Lannie almost like a sister, just as she saw Dawn.
  • Lorelei has known Dawn her whole life, in fact, growing up they were much like sisters were, seeing as Dawn’s mother was her Governess, teaching her etiquette, proper behaviour of a young royal, and the like. When they grew up to where they could learn, both Lorelei and Dawn joined Xiulan in studies with Theron. Lore herself was a big part of how Dawn got the spot for her training and while she was away, Lore missed Dawn very much.
  • A year ago, Dawn came back from training and when she came back, (happens to be before both attacks on Lore), she brought back a puppy for Lorelei as a gift. Lore named the puppy Quinn and she joined Wynter and Serenity as some of the most important things to Lorelei alongside her family and friends.
  • One day, four months back, a few months after Lannie was hired on as her guard, Lorelei and Xiulan were walking through the Palace grounds when a single person came up and attacked. Lorelei was scratched across the right side of her face, which prompted Xiulan into action. Lannie forced the attacker away and got Lore to safety with the healers.
  • The next day, a second guard was hired to protect her alongside Lannie, by the name of Kilian Bhaird. The other Royals worried for the youngest princess, and so the man was hired, and sent away to train to protect her.
  • A month after he was hired Kilian was issued extra training, to learn to protect her as he was still learning. The training would occur a few days a week, allowing him to be on duty on other days. One of the training days, Lore was walking with Lannie and Quinn through the grounds again when three big, strong and muscular men attacked Lorelei, making a long, deep and very jagged gash down her whole right side, which was now a very jagged scar. Lore screamed, Quinn barked angrily and attacked and Lannie tried but couldn’t fight off three of them at once. Rhodri heard his youngest sister’s screams and came running, interfering in the attack. Rhodri joined Quinn and Xiulan and attacked back, killed one of the attackers, a second was injured by Xiulan, and the third was injured by Quinn, Lore’s puppy. Thanks to her brother and Lannie, the two surviving attackers were arrested and imprisoned in the dungeons until their trial, where they were executed for treason and an attempt at assassinating the young princess. Rhodri and Xiulan did a field dressing to stop the flow of blood, and rushed her to the healers at the barracks. Her family was infuriated, furious, they blamed Lannie, which upset Lore even more once she was told what was going on, what they wanted. Lannie hadn’t failed, no one person could have protected her from three attackers, and Lore herself fought alongside Rhodri for Lannie to stay on, from her bed, under the watchful eye of her mother, who refused to leave her sight. Cerri sent misspelled letters, and though she understood why her cousin didn’t come see her, Lore would have liked very much to see her. While on the surface, Rhia seemed the most calm out of everyone after the attack, what Lorelei did not know was that Rhia was privately freaking out. The eldest sister would pace in her rooms, worrying and fretting about Lorelei’s welfare, but as soon as the door was opened, Rhia would appear as unaffected as stone. And though Rhia had been constantly busy with attending the royal court, she often carved out time to spend with Lore while she was resting, healing, in the infirmary.
  • After she healed even a slight bit after the second attack, Lore started pestering her eldest brother, Rhodri to teach her how to use a bow and arrow. She doesn’t stop pestering him until he caved, which took some time as she was still healing. She kept on begging though, if only for a few reasons. 1. She HATES that Lannie feels like a failure, because she wasn’t, not to Lore. And 2. Lore wants to feel less useless in a fight.
  • After the attack, Kilian is brought back early from his training and is told he was not to go back to training. He at first is told to not ever leave her side except for her to use the restroom, and at that point, Xiulan is to be with her. At first, this bothers her, because she quite literally was with someone all the time, and she doesn’t want to cry around anyone, but she wants so badly to cry. For Lore though, she realized that it was for her protection, though that realization did take a few weeks.
  • A month after the second attack, Lore learns that her eldest sister, Rhia, is pregnant, which makes Lorelei extremely excited and even more protective over her eldest sister and the rest of her family, which caused her to bother Rhodri even more about lessons with the bow and arrow. She felt an even bigger need to learn if it meant to protect her family.
  • Even when she’s asleep Kilian is there, at her side, and they discover, in that second set of few weeks (once Lorelei gets used to never being alone), that they care for each other very much and they start sneaking around, sneaking out of the palace grounds too, mostly to do things all alone where nobody would interrupt them. So a few months after the attack, she finds herself not feeling well, and she gets sick in front of Xiulan who realizes (to her own shock and chagrin) what had happened. That Lore is pregnant!
PRONOUNS;; She/Her/Hers
COMFORT LEVEL;; I haven’t done too much in the way of mature things, however, I am willing to try, so long as we can talk it out, so that both writers/players/handlers are on the same page, and so that the other person understands that I may need a bit of help at some points! I can write about most if not all Trigger Warning sorts of threads, though the sexually mature threads do make me kind of uncomfortable because of my lack of knowledge in it.

I think it’s only fair that I warn you guys, that my best sort of thing to write is emotion related. While I KNOW this sort of thing isn’t for all people, if t you’re not okay with alot of emotion, please just tell me and I’ll work VERY hard to keep from doing that to you!

I do also have a pretty busy work schedule with a part time job as a server and a full time job on top of that, in Asset protection, but I will be doing all I can to reply quickly to you all as I do with Arietta, once I’m set up with Lore!
WHERE DID YOU FIND US?;; A friend, Raine, who found the site through another!
A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU;; 1. I know I need to get a car, but I’m actually TERRIFIED to start driving again, it sends me into an anxious mess…
2. My bloodwork from my Physical came back all weird, and I had to do a repeat bloodwork and I was absolutely terrified that it’ll come back saying I have this disease that I’m not sure has a cure or a fix. Well, it came back much higher than last time and the doctor says I’m on the verge of needing medications for it, and it scares me half to death.
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