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Apr 20 2018, 08:00 AM
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[dohtml]<img src="http://www.coverbash.com/wp-content/covers/pink_flower.jpg" width=450 height=100>[/dohtml]
The honour of your presence is requested at the wedding of

Rhiannon Branna Gwydion
Ambrigatos, son of Lugurix

in the Village of Reyne, at midday on the third day of Ostara.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guest List:
@Lorelei Gwydion (Dove)
@Ariaya Sura Nesitriel (Minion)
@Medeia Illistyn (Greeny)
@Brennus Caesorix (Helly)
@Britomarus Ariogaisos (Helly)
@Cunorix Axrotalus (Helly)
@Orabella Morgan (Kay)
@Aia Vlatucia (Kel)
@Nymeria Kitsukami (Kel)
@Cerridwen Minas (Kel)
@Rhodri Gwydion (Kel)
Turin Gwydion (NPC'd by Kel)
Kieran Gwydion (NPC'd by Kel or Dove)
Xiulan "Lannie" Liao (NPC'd by Dove)
Segomarus (NPC'd by Helly)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was quite the picturesque setting. Wide open fields, with bonfires dotted about that would roar ablaze during the twilight hours. Here and there, a few copse of trees, blooming with buds of white and soft pink. Set between two clusters of trees, a wooden archway had been constructed. A nymph with the powers to manipulate plant growth had woven a spell that caused two freshly planted grapevines to grow quickly and twist over and around the framework, with grapes hanging heavy and ready for picking.

White ribbons were strung around some of the trees, and the bonfires were already burning, though not as high as they would be at night, while people tended to food that was cooking away. Bards were playing music, and people were dancing.

Rhiannon paced in the tent that had been set up roudly midway between the bonfires and the archway.
"Gods give me strength", she muttered softly as she paced back and forth, trying to expel some of the nervous tension she felt.

Rhiannon had grown tired of her father's games. They were nothing short of the ramblings of a mad man now. Besides, the amount of gold that Ambrigatos had paid her father for a mere blessing and permission to marry... it was outlandish. Ambrigatos had grown tired of the game as well. Enough was enough.

Today was the wedding that they had long been waiting for. They were marrying without the approval of Rhiannon's father.

She knew that she was getting married to a man she loved dearly, and the father of her unborn child... but that didn't take away the pre-wedding jitters. Rhiannon was nervous about going out in front of all those people and making it official. Married to her beloved at last.

Halting in her pacing, Rhiannon fiddled with her dress. It was long, flowing and white as snow. It was beautiful. A seamstress had painstakingly made it especially for this day. It possessed lacing down the front, and cutaway sleeves so that her shoulders were bare asie from the wide straps that held up the stress. As much as she adored her wedding gown, there was no way to make her huge rounded belly look good. Black may be slimming, but white only seemed to draw attention to it.

Rhiannon took a deep breath, trying to steady herself. Any time now her sisters, Lorelei and Cerridwen, would be arriving. The less scared she seemed the better in her mind. By the gods, she could only wonder how Ambri was faring in the lead-up to the nuptials.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rhia's wedding dress;; Click
Rhia's hair style: Click
OOC COMMENTS;; Credit to Dove for helping me find Rhia's dress AGES ago! <3
TAG;; @Ambrigatos Lugurix
Jan 10 2018, 06:25 AM
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rhiannon could not believe it. For the first time since the galleian refugees had effectively landed at her door, the fae woman was finally able to have a quiet moment to herself. Well, not entirely to herself – her beloved husband was ever at her side. Yes, she and Ambrigatos were finally married, and she had formally stepped aside as Teumnach's next Queen, revealing at her dear twin brother Rhodri was to be King in her stead.

But there was more than that. Due to her marriage to Ambrigatos, Rhiannon was now crowned as High Queen of Galleia. It might not have been the role of queen that her mother had envisioned for her, but Rhiannon hoped that her mother did not see her as a complete disappointment? Hopefully.

Who was she kidding, of course her mother saw her as the disappointment. Rhiannon had walked away from a destiny that been assigned to her from birth, and fallen in love with a human. But Rhiannon – or Riana as she was called in the galleian tongue – didn't care. She loved Ambrigatos deeply, and she had not stopped smiling from the moment of their wedding.

Perhaps the gods had even agreed to the match, for when Ambrigatos had asked her to accompany him to Galleia, Rhiannon had not hesitated to go with him. The sea's had been calm all the way through the voyage. Now they were fortunate enough to be granted some quiet time alone. Away from royal courts, council meetings, and seeing to fortifications against attacks. Perhaps now even the small wounds she had inflicted on fingers with a sewing during while embroidering a new flag of Ambrigatos's tribal emblem might even be able to heal properly.

Rhiannon looked around the town that they had decided to visit: Remi, in the Belgae territory. It was rather quaint really, fairly similar in style to Nouiios Bibractii in terms of architecture, but it possessed far less round buildings in comparison, and such round building were limited to the outskirts of town where the farms lay. The town sat next to the ocean on the Santonian Shore, with thick forest surrounding it, and mountains in the distance.

Sitting up on a hill overlooking the down, Rhiannon smiled softly, one hand resting on her large rounded belly. A hard kick against her hand from the baby that was steadily growing within made her grin brighter.
“Not long now little one”, Rhiannon promised her unborn child. Another kick against her hand drew a soft chuckle from the expectant mother. The fae woman looked to her husband who wasn't too far away.
“I never thought we'd be able to get away like this”, she admitted to him, speaking in Galleian. She spoke in his tongue most of the time now, and she was rather fluent – baring the few exceptions of where she tripped up on translations. “For once we aren't being interrupted”.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OOC COMMENTS;; This is based after the wedding between Ambrigatos and Rhiannon (which has not been played out yet)
TAG;; @Ambrigatos Lugurix
Dec 8 2017, 12:33 AM
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sitting at the base of the standing stone, a thick heavy blanket wrapped around her frame, Rhiannon trembled, trying not to give into the fear that she felt. It weighed heavy on her, almost like the blanket that protected her from the chill of the coming winter.

Snow was starting to fall lightly around her.

- - - - - - - -

Her father was angry, she could hear him crashing about in his office. Once upon a time, Rhiannon would be able to simply slide the door open and walk in without needing to knock. But her father had been changing of late, and in ways that the princess wasn't sure that she liked.

Knocking lightly, Rhiannon slid the door ajar. “Father? You wished to see me?” she asked cautiously, her father's voice booming in response for her to 'get in here'. Rhiannon did as he 'requested' and opened the door fully and stepped into his office. No longer did two crystal glasses sit on a side table with a bottle of whiskey for them to share.... no, only one glass sat there these days. Rhiannon and her father no longer drank together (when one ignored the fact that Rhiannon was six months into her pregnancy, her stomach was quite rounded in evidence of it).

“That... betrothed... of yours has not paid the Bride Price for you”, Arandur boomed at her. Rhiannon did not flinch. She had faced his wrath before, and knowing that she had inherited the same 'blood rage' they possessed from him directly made her somewhat immune to his outburst.

Rhiannon was certainly not ordinary in any case. And the manner of which her father was bargaining with Ambrigatos about an alliance between Teumnach and Galleia, and his blessing of marriage between Rhiannon and Ambrigatos, was highly atypical. Traditionally, women of her status had a dowry attached to their 'hand in marriage'. The dowry was paid by the father of the bride to the new husband in order for the bride to be supported in comfort.

A 'Bride Price' was very different. Rather than the father paying for the upkeep of his daughter, it was the groom's father, or even the would-be groom himself, that paid a hefty sum of money or gold to the bride's father in order to marry the woman.

Setting aside Rhiannon's own feelings that her father was effectively 'selling her', she knew that the sum of gold her father had demanded was almost beyond measure for Ambrigatos to afford. How would be even be able to find that kind of wealth anyway?
“He will father. He just needs more time to collect it all”, Rhiannon assured the king. It was better to assure him right now, rather than argue that he had set a price that was far too high.

What she did not expect was her father's explosive behaviour. The king charged at his own daughter, smacking her across the face with the back of his hand. Rhiannon let out one sharp scream of pain, a hand pressed to her face where he had struck her.
Why... why had he struck her like that?
“Don't answer back to me girl!” It was then that Rhiannon looked into her father's eyes and saw that the usual gentle, though highly intelligent man with a darkness like her own was gone. In his place was a stranger to her. Worry started to ebb it's way in her soul. Arandur seemed to loose focus for a moment, wandering off, muttering to himself and head turning as if he were hearing voices that only he could hear. Was this another trait of the Gwydion bloodline? Was it linked to the blood rage?

Arandur regained himself. “Make sure he pays the bride price for you”.
Rhiannon nodded slowly, taking a slow step backwards towards the door. “I will”, she spoke softly. Taking another step towards the door, the princess was caught off-guard when her father almost flew across the room, hand wrapping around her neck and squeezing tightly, cutting off her airway. The point of a dagger blade against her stomach.
“Make sure he does. Or I will cut that baby out of you, and leave it in the woods for the wolves to find, and then sell you to a suitor more worthy of you. Someone who can afford the price for you”.
Rhiannon could do little more than struggle to breathe... she dared not move.

Fortunately, the General of the Royal Army, Sir Arsalan Abégendlic, walked in at that moment in the company of the Lieutenant General (commander of the Royal Guard), Major General (second in command of the army), and Sergeant Major (commander of the bodyguards, and one of the king's own bodyguards) walked into the office.
“Arandur!” Arsalan shouted. The only person in the army fortunate enough to be able to address the king by name without a title – being old friends came with benefits.
“Majesty!” the other three shouted, the Sergeant Major, Cassius, prying the king's hand from Rhiannon's neck. The moment she was free from her father's grasp, Rhiannon stumbled backwards, gasping for air... but she was not able to dwell on what had just happened when she was spirited from the room by Arsalan.
“Highness, leave this place now. For your own safety”, the general was most insistent, but he did not leave her side until she was outside in the palace courtyard where a contingent of warriors of the Ardorix Cingetos [High King's Warriors] were waiting from her, along with her two own bodyguards, collectively known as 'the Gwens'; Gwenhwyfar and Gwendolyn.

“Take the princess to safety!” the general spoke in common, ordering not only the bodyguards, but the galleian warriors as well. It was perhaps the only time that Rhiannon had ever heard him speak in that language. But the level of authority that Arsalan commanded meant that not even the Ardorix Cingetos questioned his orders.

Tears caused by air rushing across her eyes as she galloped away from the palace. Away from the hurt and pain. Far away from the fear that threatened to overwhelm her. That being said, Rhiannon felt afraid. Terribly afraid. Her hands would not stop trembling on Ceallach's reins. How could this have happened?! Rhiannon knew that her father was unstable... but this was the worst that she had ever seen him. Was he completely mad?!

- - - - - - - - -

Rhiannon shivered from the cold, pulling the blanket around her form tighter. The area on her neck where her father had been strangling her was now a harsh red, baring the resemblance to the shape of a hand. One arm was wrapped around her stomach, protecting the child growing within. Muttering to herself: “I will not give in to fear”. Again and again.

Gwendolyn, her more stoic bodyguard stood very close by, glaring off anyone that dared approach, even the druids that merely wanted to see if they could be of service or any help at all. Only the young galleian girl, Aia, had managed to get close enough to see that Rhiannon seemed to be afraid of something. But what?

Aia took it upon herself to find Ambrigatos where the council of the Galleians and the High Council of Teumnach was set to meet together for the first time. Approaching with confidence she walked straight up to the High King of Galleia, like how she had seen the princess approach him a thousand times before.
“My king. Lady Rhiannon.... something's happened”, Aia could not say much more than that. Not even she knew all the details. But Aia was able to point in the direction that Ambrigatos could find her in.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OOC COMMENTS;; I got carried away XD
@Ambrigatos Lugurix
Jun 5 2017, 01:18 AM

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The crown princess ran down the halls of the palace, jumping around and dodging people in her path as she made haste towards her fathers study. His messenger that had summoned her had sounded quite desperate. What could be so important that the king felt need to summon his eldest daughter away from the very lessons with her tutor that would make her an effective leader someday.

Rhiannon had already decided that she was going to step down as Crown Princess, but she could be a leader in other ways. Besides, Rhodri would need guidance in the role when he became Crown Prince, and being the poor academic student he was, Rhiannon felt a need to continue her studies so that she could assist her brother as his own personal advisor. Similar to how her aunt Atlanta was an informal advisor to the king.

The fae princess slowed to a hurried walk when she neared the door to the king's study, entering the room to see not only her father – but her entire family. Her two aunts, her grandmother, mother and all her siblings (minus Cerridwen). They were all here.
“Father?” Rhiannon ventured, wondering what would draw everyone together like this. The king said nothing, offering a parchment to her. The princess approached, taking the document in hand and began to read.... a few lines in her eyes widened. What?! Rhiannon looked up, the shock evident on her face. This changed everything.

“You might wish to inform your Galleian of this”, her aunt Atlanta advised with a soft expression. Rhiannon wasn't surprised that she had referred to Ambrigatos as her galleian... in a sense it was true. But the statement still made her blush lightly. “They'll need to find out sooner rather than later”.
“You're right”, Rhiannon breathed, placing the parchment back on her fathers desk. She turned to leave... she needed to get to the camp and fast.
“Rhiannon... there's more”, the king called after his eldest daughter. “The people responsible may yet come for us. Your aunt has gone through the archives and learned that our family was not originally Delphi – we were once Gywdion”.
The young fae could see the fear in his features plain as day, though he tried hiding it.
“So... we are to become Gywdion again?” she asked, thinking that her father wanted to 'hide' from the association of a name.
“That we are”, her father confirmed with a nod.

“Not me”, the dowager queen, Rhiannon's grandmother, stated plainly. “I have spent too long as a Delphi to be changing names again now”.
The Dowager Queen was not alone in her desire to stay as Delphi, the kings other sister, Celeste, wished to stay with the old name as well. Only Atlanta was willing to change names along with the king, the queen consort and all of the king's children.

“You may go now, my daughter”, Rhiannon's father gave her permission to leave. “But remember, after you leave this room, you will no longer be Rhiannon Branwen Delphi.... you are Rhiannon Branwen Gwydion”.
“Of course father”, Rhiannon nodded her head, turning on her heel and running from the room. At last! Something she had longed for all along. A chance to leave the taint that had been left on the name of Delphi by division... and now it had arrived.

The gods of rain, thunder and lightning were at work again; throwing a torrential storm down from the heavens upon the earth below. Rhiannon ignored it all as she threw a spare clothing into a saddle bag, and a heavy hooded cloak around her shoulders. She wasn't going to allow the gods to drench her again. Thora was less than eager to leave the warm stable, but the fae woman was in no mood to play these games, almost bullying the horse into leaving her stall. She saddled the horse, mounted up and galloped away from the palace.

The rain stung her eyes, even with the hood of her cloak raised, but Rhiannon kept riding... down the hill and winding roads to the city and out the gates. It didn't take long to reach Nouiios Bibractii, and the galleian guards didn't even try stopping her, merely waved a greeting as they too braved the storm. Leaving Thora at the stable tent, Rhiannon trudged her way through the camp-turned-town, carrying her saddle bags over her shoulder, heading towards the King's Hall that was now nearing completion. Actually the hall was completed for the most part, but there were still some sections that the craftsmen wanted to improve.

“Ambri?” Rhiannon called out as she entered though the heavy door. The princess removed her cloak, hanging on a hook nearby, dropping her saddle bags underneath before approaching the roaring fire that was burning in the hearth in the centre of the large room. “Ambri... are you here?” the fae woman called again, this time in fluent galleian. Her grasp of the language had improved further still since the festival and the battle at the temple of war.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OOC COMMENTS;; New plot part 1 revealed! Part 2 will be revealed in the next instalment. tongue.gif
Apr 29 2017, 11:12 PM

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rhiannon had never lied once when she said that she loved festivals. The air of excitement always got to her; not to mention the music and various activities that happened during such festivals. The races were well under way, as was an archery contest. There were several cooking fires going, and delicious aroma's wafted through the air. The smells alone were enough to make the princess's mouth water.

But Rhiannon had not come for food. No, she had come for the people. There were so many familiar faces now, even if she didn't know all the names that belonged with them. But it was still encouraging to see the same smiling faces time and again. Rhiannon had been amongst them so often that the refugee camp seemed to be becoming a 'home away from home'.

The princess had ridden to the festival on her horse, but now Thora was tied up at the stable tent, contently eating her fill of hay and oats. The mare would be out of the way for the most part so no one was likely to get kicked or bitten.... or so the princess hoped. It was aggravating that Thora could be violent, but even though she had been bred in captivity, Rhiannon suspected there was some wild horses in the mares ancestry. And that the wild blood hadn't been tamed out of the line completely.

At two-hundred and two years, Rhiannon didn't look a day older than thirty, and many of the gallians she had met had asked her why that was. The answer was simple enough, fae creatures physically aged far slower than mortals. It was also why Rhiannon had such a spirited personality (with all the benefits and flaws), she had many years of life and energy to burn. It was this excess of energy that was increased tenfold whenever she was around her brother Rhodri, the two of them were highly competitive.

Dressed in simple clothes again, Rhiannon wandered through the festival, a bunch of wheat tucked into a belt around her waist. It was the wheat that she had offered for the sacrifice, collected from the farmer that owed her a favour or two earlier in the morning. She answered any greeting received, now fluent enough to understand and respond to simple phrases... but the more complex phrases were still difficult. Spying a familiar face amongst those dancing to the music, Rhiannon waved to the little girl, Aia, who had given her flowers two weeks prior. Aia smiled and waved back, running towards her.
“Pemai esi Ambrigatos?” Rhiannon asked the child softly. Aia pointed in a direction. “That way”, the girl responded in the common tongue, surprising Rhiannon. The princess laughed, ruffled the girls hair before giving her a friendly hug. She liked Aia, she was a sweet girl.

The princess headed off in the direction that Aia had told her that Ambrigatos was in, scanning the gathered people for any sign of the man. Spying him at last, Rhiannon moved quietly, coming up behind him. Quickly, Rhiannon covered his eyes with her hands. “Guess who?” she laughed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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