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Location: NY, East Coast, USA
Born: 17 June 1982
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OCCUPATION: Odd jobs about the kingdoms
SPECIES: Hybrid - Elf/Changeling/Siren
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5'3"
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single and pregnant
PREFERENCE: Heterosexual
APPLICATION: http://swordsofsperiling.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=ST&f=4&t=2905
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Arietta Talson


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Nov 14 2017, 03:46 PM
Arietta was walking slowly through the wilderness, her arms around her swelling stomach. She was scared, as always, and she needed to be sure that her baby was okay. She was beginning to grow a little bit more and more each day, and she felt awkward even more. Her clothes were starting to not fit anymore and she really had no way to get new clothes, not at this point, not until she found people she could trust again, like Orabella.

I'm okay, we're okay. she thought to herself as she walked, her arms both hugging the little baby inside of her. "We... we're o...okay l..little one..." Rietta forced out, though she wasn't even sure if her baby could hear her, or if she was saying it for her little one or for herself.

Her thoughts guessed that it was more for herself than for anyone else, but she wasn't expecting to hear an unknown sound right behind her. She jumped and turned, arms still protectively across her stomach.

@Tarquin Ellis
Jul 5 2017, 07:09 PM
Arietta walked through the forest, and little by little she started to remember a time when she'd spent some time in this area, in these forests. And the young expectant mother actually managed a small smile at the memories.

Even though her life had been sad back then, these forests had brought her real joy. Actual happiness, and it had all been because of one woman who's face she could see in her mind's eye though her name had escaped Arietta Avery Talson's mind, it wasn't as important as recalling the bright and happy face of the woman could be.

Arietta's memory was never so good, not even back when she was small, but that was okay. She knew the name would come to her in time, likely if she saw her face, to be honest. Arietta heard a noise and she quickly turned around and saw that very same face not too far away from where she stood.
Jun 28 2017, 09:13 PM
Arietta knew that she had to find him.

She had to find the man who'd made her an expectant Mother. She had to tell him about their baby, and she knew now, that she needed help. And she really hoped that he would help her, because she knew that she couldn't do this alone. And right at this moment she was just that.

All alone.

She'd tried to find her half sister, she had, but so far she hadn't any luck. And so the young blonde went looking for Cymbeline, who was apparently much easier to find than her sister. He'd been tracked down do this set of cabins, and Arietta moved a little slower than she'd liked, through some pretty dangerous terrain in the search for him, but now she was where she hoped she could be safe.

She hoped.

Arietta looked around her, there were a few people around, and she turned to one of them and asked simply. "Where... is... Cymbeline?" When they pointed her in the direction where they said he was, she walked that way, and glanced around, looking for him.

He stood not too far away, she remembered how he looked, and she walked to him. "Cymbeline..." she said to him, sounding, looking and feeling awkward.
Jun 15 2017, 10:13 PM


NICKNAME(S);; Ari, Aves
GENDER;; Female
AGE;; 24
DATE OF BIRTH;; November 15
SPECIES;; HYBRID - Elf/Changeling/Siren
KINGDOM;; Teumnach
OCCUPATION;; Odd jobs around the Kingdoms at the moment, but she currently has no real skills just yet. (In other words, she is a clean slate, and there’s LOTS of room to grow and to have people try to tell her what can be good for her to do and learn!
REPUTATION;; She has no reputation. She’s not known at all, though I’m guessing that both sides of her family are much more well known than she is! (Though to be honest, they’re not so well known and whatnot now, as they’re all dead!) Arietta has basically been under a rock her entire life though!
EMPATH - The ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual
SIRENS CALL - She doesn’t have the full power to kill, but her voice definitely distracts people, gives them a desire to be with her, in any way they can.
**She doesn’t understand EITHER of these powers just yet.**

PLAY-BY;; Anna Torv
HEIGHT;; 5’3”
WEIGHT;; 110 pounds
PHYSICAL BUILD;; Extremely skinny, though she will soon grow a bit of a belly O:)
HAIR COLOR/LENGTH/STYLE;; Very long blonde hair
EYE COLOR;; Extremely light brown eyes with specs of green and grey.
COMPLEXION;; She’s extremely pale
VOICE;; Her voice is one that can calm even the most awfully behaved people, though if she’s speaking, she’s extremely nervous sounding, and sort of stutters. Singing is a totally different story though. She is a mezzo soprano, and can hit any note in the world that she wishes to try. She knows that this is because of her mother’s Siren background. As for characteristics of her voice, she speaks the Common Tongue, no other languages, though her grammar is horrid, and if she’s writing, she can’t spell well at all. Truth is, as her grandmother Cateline was the one who taught her anything she knows, as they were on the run, she’s doing pretty well!
PERMANENT MARKINGS;; She has some scars on her arms and legs, from falling on cobblestones and rocks, when she was small. (She wasn’t very graceful). Otherwise, there’s nothing notable on her in that regard.
PETS OR ANIMAL FAMILIARS;; None at this time, though maybe soon she’ll have some? (SHE HOPES!)

PERSONALITY;; Arietta is an extremely kind person, on the inside. However, she has to truly TRUST someone to let them in, but once she lets someone into her life, she is more than loyal to them than to herself. She will even be willing to die for those people whom she trusts like that. (Raine is a shoo in, now that she knows she has a sister, and has finally found Raine! But there’s plenty of room for others too!) But as of now, she has a horrible time trying to speak with people, feeling both awkward and stupid, and she hates it. She really wants to do better, she wants to learn, she wants to grow, but she has no idea how. She doesn’t write well, and her handwriting is pretty much illegible.

*She doesn’t know how to fight, mentally or physically
*She doesn’t really have any skills to call her own, (apart from one, animals seem to love her), as she has a VERY limited education.
*She definitely has a lack of self worth in that she doesn’t believe she’s good enough for much of anything most of the time thanks to her lack of education. In fact, she’s terrified that people will think she’s stupid, because she isn’t skilled in anything.
*She doesn’t really know how to speak to people, as the only person she has spoken to from the age of 5-15 was her grandmother, who rathered have her be quiet. And she is a HORRID communicator unless she’s singing. It’s then that she tells her whole story.
*She wants to love and be loved, but has NO idea how...

*She has become pregnant, and nobody really knew until they started to look at her when she finally finds her sister
*She has no idea, BUT she and Raine’s father was killed by her grandparents, and then her grandfather and Raine’s mother killed each other
*Raine’s foster Dad, killed Arietta’s grandmother, which basically left BOTH of them alone, without a blood family.
*She wants to find her family. She wants to find out who she is, where she came from, and she wants to be loved, and to love…
*She wants to get some sort of education, she wants to learn, and grow and be a better person!
Mom- (Deceased) Ava Cateline Larkin
Dad- (Deceased) Avery Ravarin Talson
Half Sister- Raine Amirra Talson
Maternal Grandmother- (Deceased) Cateline Elena (nee Wilkin) Larkin
Maternal Grandfather- (Deceased) Elric Roland Larkin
Paternal Grandmother- Amirra Liara (nee Andara) Talson
Paternal Grandfather- Raindaro Avery Talson

Arietta, the daughter of Ava Cateline Larkin and Avery Ravarin Talson, was born on the fifteenth of November, just two days after Avery’s other daughter, Raine, the sister that Arietta never knew she had. Until it was much too late. From the time she was an infant up until she turned five, she had a great life with her mother and maternal grandmother, Cateline. She didn’t know anything about her father, just that he had been called Avery Ravarin Talson, which was why her Mother had named her Avery as her middle name and Talson as her surname. That side of the family though, was NEVER discussed. And if Arietta had even once TRIED to ask about that side of the family, she was quickly hushed and punished for asking. Other than what her father’s name was, all she’d been told about her family, was that her maternal grandfather had died, trying to bring safety to his family, and she held him up on a pedestal for that for the first fifteen years of her life.

On Arietta’s fifth birthday, she was waiting at home for her mom to return, with her grandmother, but when her mother didn’t return, the grandmother left her with the neighbor, and when she returned for her, she packed up a bag for each of them and left their home, not telling Ari anything, just that they were going away for a while. They moved about the kingdoms, never staying any place longer than a few months. Arietta was not allowed to see other people, for the ten years that they were moving about, and it wasn’t until the day she was turning fifteen, that all that moving stopped.

That was the day that her grandmother too, was killed. Leaving her all alone. Until she found something in her grandmother’s small pack of papers which said that she had a half sister, a full blooded elf half sister, named Raine. Raine Amirra Talson. From that day on, she has been backtracking through the kingdoms, trying everything she can to try to find her sister.

Arietta has no real schooling in the real world, having only been taught from books by her grandmother, and she has no real skills to call her own, or even anything to be able to make her money to eat, and so she does odd things about the kingdoms in order to earn food, and sleeps mostly out under the stars, until she actually finds her half sister.

PRONOUNS;; She/Her/Hers
COMFORT LEVEL;; I haven’t done too much in the way of mature things, however, I am willing to try, so long as we can talk it out, so that both writers/players/handlers are on the same page, and so that the other person understands that I may need a bit of help at some points! I can write about most if not all Trigger Warning sorts of threads, though the sexually mature threads do make me kind of uncomfortable because of my lack of knowledge in it.

I think it’s only fair that I warn you guys, that my best sort of thing to write is emotion related. While I KNOW this sort of thing isn’t for all people, if you tell me that you’re not okay with alot of emotion, please just tell me and I’ll work VERY hard to keep from doing that to you!

I do also have a pretty busy work schedule with a part time job as a server and a now FULL TIME (just got the news!) job on top of that, in Asset protection, but I will be doing all I can to reply quickly to you all once I’m set up!
WHERE DID YOU FIND US?;; A friend, Raine, who found the site through another!
A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU;; I got bit by a dog on Christmas Day this past year, and my hand still isn’t the same, six months later, so if there’s a weather change, I’ll be a bit slower to reply…
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