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 Zane Bernard, God of the Sea and Robinhood of Muireach
Zane Bernard
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 01:22 PM
Pirate CaptainDemigod
Sweet dreams are made of this

user posted image
Zane Gabriel Bernard

DATE OF BIRTH;; July, 27th
SPECIES;; DEMIGOD (Mother demigod Nymeria, Father Human)
  • pirate captain
  • Champion of the defenseless, weak, oppressed and poor

SOCIO-ECONOMIC CLASS;; He started off well enough but fell on hard times and into poverty during his childhood., But since rising in station to that of a pirate Captain, he does far better than most.
REPUTATION;; Zane is a paradox. While instilling fear in those that meet him upon the seas, those on land see him as their savior, their Robin Hood of the Sea
  • Prophecy- Like his mother, more times that not, he has no choice in when a vision will come, or won't. It's not something he can control and for a man who likes control in all aspects of his life, it frustrates the hell out of him.
  • Power over water-This power is a plus for any pirate captain but it does have it's drawbacks. He's still coming into this power and once unleashed unable to reign it in. It's difficult for him to discern how much force to use to get the desired result, yet at the same time prevent a catastrophe.Sometimes, he doesn't realize his own strength.Weather manipulation-Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena (rain, tornadoes, lightning, ocean currents, etc.) or control the intensity of the weather.
PLAY-BY;; Zach Mcgowan
HEIGHT;; 6'1
WEIGHT;; 168
PHYSICAL BUILD;; Athletic, Fit
HAIR COLOR/LENGTH/STYLE;; Dark brown with golden highlights, worn long, often tied back with leather and a few plaits.
EYE COLOR;; Pale chips of blue
COMPLEXION;; tan, golden and weatherd from his time in the sun while at sea
VOICE;; Deep and gravely, husky
PERMANENT MARKINGS;; Pierced right ear from which hangs a silver loop, multiple scars
PETS OR ANIMAL FAMILIARS;; None unless you consider a few of his favorite dolls he visits at the whore house..
WEAPONS;;Daggers, Swords, the power of his fists

controlling, paranoid, charming, seductive, dominant, fearless, and extremely intelligent. Determined, self reliant, honest, vengeful,

  • Alcohol-Rum and ale are among his favorites
  • Women-particularly a few favorites among various whorehouses
  • Fine cigars
  • -liars
  • -slavery
  • -nobility
  • -rules
  • Remorse-while most would consider this a positive trait, he doesn't. Raiding and plundering are things he lives for, but the taking of life, often whether he admits it or not. He often has feelings of regret.
  • Judges everyone
  • Trust issues
  • Stubbornness- Which is a shortcoming due to the fact he's often to stubborn to admit he's in the wrong.
  • Lack of controlling his powers when his emotions get the better of him.
  • longs for a love- while realistically he doesn't believe in true love and is somewhat jaded due to the circumstances regarding his mother. In this, he would like to be proven wrong
  • loves marshmallows and chocolate
  • -To become a legend
  • -To acquire riches beyond his wildest dreams
  • -Set as many slaves free as possible
  • -Ease the burden of the less fortunate
  • -Revenge against his father
  • -Live life to the fullest
  • Mother-Demigod-living-Nymeria
  • Father- Human -Unknown to him. (His mother refuses to speak his name.)
  • brothers-none full bloodied
  • half brothers-unknown
  • sisters-none full bloodied
  • half sisters-unknown
  • Grandmother- (On mothers side) Demigod- Deceased

Nymeria knew of the child she carried in her womb long before he came to be. Like her mother before her she had the gift of prophecy. She knew her lot nor his in life would be easy but what was meant to be- was meant to be. Just as she had guessed the child's father of noble birth and married turned his back on her, and so she took her meager belongings and left. She hadn't been to sure of where she was going, for even though she had the sight, she didn't know everything, nor did she have complete control over her powers just yet.

A young woman on her own with little more than the rags upon her back did not have an easy lot in life, but the one thing that no one could refute was her beauty. That's what had drew Zane's fathers attention in the first place. Not realizing that he was married she accepted an invitation to dance. She was naive then and swept off her feet as she was she hoped for marriage. For what young woman truly longs to be dubbed another man's Mistress?

By the time she realized Zander was married, she was so in love with him that she agreed to just about anything. He showered her with attention and his affection (when he wasn't with his wife) and dressed her in the height of fashion, bestowing gifts and a luxurious home in a remote little village not to far from where he lived, yet far enough that his wife wouldn't stumble across her.

Then came the dreams as her powers began to manifest. She dreamed of a little boy with long dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. Hair like his father and eyes a shade lighter than her own. She was excited but anxious not sure what her lovers reaction would be. She put it off for as long as she could then finally told him. She hoped for the best but prepared herself for the worst. He said nothing at first then tenderly held her hand. Her fears started to abiat but she should have known better. It was then that he told her of a witch that he knew could handle their problem. As if the child within her womb that had been prophesied was a problem rather than the blessing he was.

She sold all of her worldly goods and all the fine things Zander had given her, all but one. That of a beautiful ring. A ring that had been passed down for generations within her family. That she couldn't part with. Then she booked passage upon a ship and left the land of her birth behind. Now there was the matter of where to go. So she sought deep within and called forth the gift of sight and it came to her.

So to MUIREACH they sailed. There she met a portly, elderly, kind, woman by the name of Betsy. Thank the Gods for Betsy for she let her rent a little room in her shop. The elderly seamstress gave her a job and as time went on, Nymeria won the hearts of the people and she made a name for herself. Through scrimping and saving she managed to open up a magic shop right next door. Some were a little skeptical at first, of her ability that is, but when her predictions were proven true. She became quite popular.

Then came a powerful storm, the waters churned and the sky turned nearly black, and during that very night Zane Bernard was born. He was everything she had hoped, beautiful and perfect in every way. As he grew she spoiled him and showered him with love. Everything was going so well but then things took a downward spiral of hopelessness and despair. Betsy, whom had been so very kind and good to them became ill. The lady seamstress had to close shop no longer able to run it not to mention she needed the money. They sought the best healers, one right after another, but she didn't improve.

Nymeria at a loss took the elderly woman in, for it was the least that she could do. As her illness progressed and their funds whittled down they all fell into poverty. Times became hard and little Zane learned first hand what it was like to be hungry, frightened and shoeless, while he stood by and watched his mother tend to her ailing friend.

As most of the children in this kingdom-thievery was encouraged and the fittest of the fit were the ones that came out on top. So began a life of crime. He'd always been a bit wild. He hated following rules, tested boundaries and was a leader rather than a follower. He made sure that he stole enough food and coin so that his mother and Betsy wouldn't suffer needlessly, and while at first she didn't approve of his antics. She knew without those skills he was becoming so good at, that much worse would befall them.

Then came another prophecy...

She had often wondered why things for them had become so hard. Was it fate? What did fate have in store for them? A vision came to her the very night that Betsy passed away. All these things that had come to pass were molding Zane into the man he was meant to be. Just as she had known, even before he took his first breath. His lot in life would never be easy, but it was his life to live. Because of him mothers and children would have enough coin to put shoes on their feet and food on their table. That wasn't to say that he would be completely good. No, for she knew that he resented his father (though she never spoke his name and refused to tell him) and blamed him for the ill that had befallen them. There was a darkness in Zane and a thirst for adventure and while there was goodness there, she only hope that his jaded views on life didn't destroy all honor and the values she had instilled in him.

Only time would tell.. or at least until another vision...

While most worked their way into the naval military as was expected, Zane worked his way onto a pirate ship.Rules, so many damn rules and oppression. He worked hard, had a head for numbers and a gift for navigation and as he began to come into his powers, that drew the attention of his Captain. All was not safe waters for mutiny broke out and when all was said and done, the Captain he had come to respect and look up to lay in a puddle of his own blood. This new one put off bad vibes and he had learned to trust his gut, for it had never lead him wrong. It was then he came to understand slavery, true slavery as this captain made his livelihood as a slaver.

Zane refused to stand by while slaves were beaten, mistreated, starved and killed, sold and treated less than. He started a secret rebellion to bring down the slaver and all he represented. He could have stabbed the captain in the back but Zane was no coward. He met him face to face and gave him every chance to deny him. In the end he cleaved that captain's head right off his shoulders. Thus earning the name the butcher. He filled the shoes as their new Captain and renamed the ship the siege.

The slaves in the hold were released from their chains and Zane offered them one of two choices. Remain on his crew or he would give them enough coin to start a life somewhere of their choosing. Most chose the first while a few others the latter. He fulfilled his promise he made to them and earned their respect.

While he was fair he also knew that the best way to lead them was to unite them in strength. He became a powerhouse. Most of his men while they respected him feared him. When others described him they said he was ruthless in battle, bloodthirsty and undefeated. A true terror to any that had the misfortune to cross him upon the high seas. A killer they said, a man without remorse, bloodthirsty and deadly and while that was mostly true. Beneath the surface he is a compassionate man, a side he keeps well hidden. A champion of the less fortunate, elderly, women and children. A man who shares his livelihood with those with little means whom would otherwise live helplessly in poverty.

  • The Siege

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OOC HANDLE;; Shimmer
COMFORT LEVEL;; Pretty much open to anything
WHERE DID YOU FIND US?;; Roleplay Directive
A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU;;I love to read, roleplay, Game of Thrones, have a dog named foo foo (yes named after the nursery rhyme little bunny foo foo) A few cats and a couple of Kids.
Khalidah Sherwood
 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 11:01 PM
Healer MageSidhe-Vampire
27 years5'10"
Too many damn rebels to heal!

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Rebel Healer Mage
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Peregrine Alexander
 Posted: Apr 18 2018, 09:11 PM
Rebel PrinceHuman
We're men, we're men in tights! We're butch!

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